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Drawings with gradient hatches do not print properly to pdf printers


There is a well documented PDF problem that effects many Windows programs with regard to the way PDF’s  handle ‘Vertices’. You don’t need to know what the are except the gradient hatches, in Caddie, which are described by the OpenGL commands, can have a lot of vertices.

When creating PDF’s you may need to change the settings in you PDF writers preferences.

To do this open up the preference dialogue by right clicking your printer. All printers have different dialogues including PDF writers. You need to look for an ADVANCED button (as shown in a CUTEPDF preferences dialogue) and you will get a dialogue similar to the one shown below. In the POSTSCRIPT  OPTIONS section look for the Postscript Level and change it from 3 to 2. You only need to do this once. Setting it to PS Level 2 shouldn’t effect any other programmes use of this driver, but if it does then temporally set it back to L3.

If Level 2 doesn't work for you try Level 1

























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