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At Caddie we know the effort businesses go to, to encourage young people into the industries we support. The time alone spent nurturing and overseeing student placements can be a real burden.

Students can obtain an educational version of Caddie at no cost, for use on non-commercial projects, but that doesn't help the business where the students are placed.

Now any business can obtain a full Caddie Professional licence for up to a month to support any registered student who is doing a placement within the business for just a small administrative licence fee. The student can now really contribute to the business, whether its creating symbols, general drafting or even exploring the full photo-realistic rendering capabilities of Caddie. What's more, the student will also have access to the Online Caddie Basic Training Course, so they can get a head start learning to use the software without taking up any more of your precious time than is necessary.

If you are taking on a student and would like to participate in the Caddie Student Placement Software Licence Program, please complete the online form and we will contact you to arrange the payment and the provision of the licence.


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