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Caddie Project Tracker

Instant Guide to Profitability
Whether you invoice on a time-charge basis or provide your services for a fixed fee, the time you spend on a project directly affects your profitability.  Recording your work day tasks with Project Tracker keeps you in control of your time, helping you price jobs more accurately, maximising profitability for the work you do.

Time Logging Made Simple
Caddie Project Tracker is the easy to use, stand-alone utility that harnesses the power of the Microsoft® SQL Server database family to provide you with an accurate and comprehensive record of the time you and your staff spend working, and of the drawings and documents you work upon.  From sketch design to site meetings, construction drawings* to telephone calls, you can log them all with Project Tracker, allocating your time by client, project, and task, and against the new RIBA fee stages too.

Project Tracker also links seamlessly with Time Tracker Pro, the integrated time logging utility built into Caddie that automatically records, open, worked, and saved time for all your drawings too, making it easy to produce accurate records for all your projects, and see at a glance the files worked on during any given period.  Find out more about Time Tracker Pro HERE.

Easy Location and Retrieval of Project Documents and information
Never misplace that vital drawing, report or memo ever again! Yes, log your time with Project Tracker and your documents are recorded too, giving quick and easy double-click opening for instant access to the files you need and the information they contain, whether it’s a drawing, application, letter or minutes. Project Tracker is the ideal place to record all your key additional project information too; log 3rd party contacts from agents to sub-contractors, record key project dates, scope of works, and the staff involved; all accessible in just a couple of clicks and providing the information you need right at your fingertips so you never need be under prepared for a meeting again.

Comprehensive Reporting and Progress Summaries
At-a-glance 'Project Summary' sheets make keeping up to date on project progress simple, with clear and simple project status graphics and high visibility indicators to warn of approaching time deadlines and allocation overrun making it easy to see when an intervention or a renegotiation of fees is required.  Standard project documentation becomes easy too, with automated generation of project ‘Summary’ and ‘Flysheet’ spreadsheets at the click of your mouse, complete with all the contact and project information required, and designed to meet current RIBA requirements.  And when it’s time to invoice, Project Tracker allows you to report by; client, project, user, purpose and time period to produce clear and detailed 'time-sheets' in .HTML and .XLSX and email form that make client billing easy.

5 Key Features you won’t want to live without

1. Automatic Time Logging for Your Whole Work Day Time Sheets Made Simple Automatic logging of ALL the time you spend working from, drawing to form filling, telephone calls to site meetings with allocation for purpose and Fee Scale Work Stages. 
2. Drawing and Document Log and Load Never Misplace a Drawing or Document File Log documents, drawing and the time you worked on them, plus instant double-click loading via the Project Summary making document retrieval for meeting sand briefings simple.
3. Export to Excel and Email Whole Office Integration Export your reports directly to Excel XLS files, HTML and email to make integration with your office systems easy and accurate record keeping simple.
4. Multi-user, Multi-Workstation Support Centralised Recording Link Project Tracker to MS SQL Server* to get multi-workstation reporting to a single database.  Perfect when working on larger projects, and great for assessing staff output and productivity.
5. Comprehensive Reporting and Project Status Indication Accurate Reporting To Reduce Fee Disputes Project progress status indicator warns of project overruns, plus comprehensive reporting by Project, User and Purpose, with full date search options including time and date for every logged project document and drawing.  Log additional contacts and project information to generate instant Project Summary and Flysheets designed to meet RIBA standards, at the click of your mouse.

*MS SQL Server sold separately.

Project Tracker and Caddie Time Tracker Pro are licensed on a low cost recurring licence basis.

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