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Visual Image Output (Vio) Photorealistic Rendering - Module and Lesson Details

1. The Essentials of Rendering
Caddie Vio has been developed specifically for architects and designers. Caddie Vio is ideal for quickly and easily creating high quality 3D renderings from existing Caddie 3D models or any other DWG or DXF files. Caddie Vio uses the market leading 'Lightworks' rendering engine which is used in over 80 applications and has over 2.5 million users worldwide.

This module will provide an introduction to the basic tools and techniques needed to transform a 3D model into a high quality photorealistic rendered image.
  • Caddie's Vio Application and commands
  • Objects that render and ones that don't
  • Parallel and perspective views
  • Panning, zooming and orbiting a model
  • 3D views: Saving and recalling views
  • Showing and hiding objects in a view
  • Materials and rendering
2. The Vio Environment
3. Materials
4. Lighting
6. Backgrounds and Foregrounds
7. Rendering
8. Recalling Render Settings
9. Sun Studies
10. Rich Photorealistic Content (RPC)
11. Studio ShadowCast
12. Using Vio for a Walkthrough of Your Model
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