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Getting Started with AEC - Module and Lesson Details

1. Working in a 3D Environment
AEC is the acronym for: Architectural, Engineering and Construction.

AEC commands can be found in the AEC application which are a group of very powerful commands that creates both 3D models and 2D construction drawings all from the same set of tools.

AEC objects, in the main, are drawn using preset styles which are used to define the properties of the objects. Certain properties of an AEC object can be changed using the standard 'Object Properties' dialogue. Other properties must be changed in the AEC Style Manager.

Understanding the 3D commands and setting up your working environment will enable you to work productively in 3D, moving around your drawing to present stunning models, sections and elevations.

  • AEC Commands and keyboard shortcuts
  • WCS and UCS
  • Pan, Zoom and Orbiting
  • 3D views, saving and recalling views
  • Render Modes
  • 2D and 3D flags
  • Modelspace Grid
2. Exploring Walls
3. Exploring Windows, Doors, DWAs - (Door Window Assemblies) and Openings
4. Creating Floors Using Slabs
5. Roofs and Roof Slabs
6. Adding Stairs and Railings
7. Structural Members
8. Mass Elements
9. Plans, Sections and Elevations
10. Levels
11. Spaces
12. Scheduling
13. Catalogue
14. Presenting Your Model
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