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How can I pause and re-start a download of large files

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No specific operating system or Caddie version


When I download Caddie, which is a very large file, my connection sometimes breaks and I have to start all over again. I also have a very slow connection and I would like to speed this up and have the ability to break the download up into small chunks. Is there a way to do this.


Yes there is a way to do all of these things. What  you need is to download and install one of the many download accelerators or download managers. There are many available. Some have to be paid for, some have free limited use and some are totally free. Even the paid for versions usually have a free trail period. Some work standalone and some will be installed as add-ons for your favourite internet browser.

Which ever you choose they all will resolve the three main requirements.

Speed up the download time.

Whilst these programmes don't really speed up the download, what they do is to make more than one download connection  and split the download over these connections and reasemble it after the download. The net result is a faster download.

Restart the download without restarting from the beginning again

Because they way these accelerators work, they are able to recognise how much of the download has been made, so that in case of connection breaks, a restart will first check the position of the previous download and restart from that position. So in other words, if 80% had been downloaded then when a  download of the same file is down only the last 20% will need to be downloaded.

Pause the download

Similar to the last requirement, the download can be paused and then resumed at a later time.

In addition some will even send you computer to standby, hibernate or even shutdown, so you can leave it running and when it is finished downloading your computer will do what ever you have selected.

What one you use will be up to your personal preference.


Here are a couple to lookout for.



Speedbit home page

DAP can be integrated with various browsers such as Microsoft IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Netscape.

This seems to be the web favorite.



IE6,IE7,IE8 and Firefox are supported


Internet Download Accelerator

For Google Chrome users there is this extension



After a downloading check the size of the downloaded file matches what is stated on the Caddie site. If the size if different from that stated, i.e it is too small, it is probable due to a firewall not allowing access to the download. This can be rectified either by setting your firewall to allow your download manager to connect automatically or temporally  unblock you firewall.

ACS (Caddie) does not endorse any of these or other download accelerator products and therefore can not offer support for them. Please use the providers sites for support. 



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