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The Common Folders (Such As Plotstyles) Have Moved From Caddie 16 - Where are They Now?

Applies To

Caddie 16


 Where are the default locations for the various user settings, such as plotstyles, templates and fonts etc.


Prior to Caddie 16 the default common and user, folders and files, such as Plotstyles, Styles, Hatches, Templates etc., where contained within the Caddie installation folder. Over the years the security of the Windows® operating system has been tightened and access to folders within the 'Program Files' folder needs special privileges.

To comply with Microsoft® standards, from Caddie 16 these "User" folders and files have been moved to a more accessible folder within the Windows® environment. Depending with variety of operation system you have will depend where the folders are and what they are called. In order to make accessing these folders easy, Caddie has added a section 'MENU | UTILITIES | BROWSE'. Here you will find two links:

Common Application Files & Folders

These are the ones that every user can access and includeds some or all of the following



Block Libraries

Config Data

Fonts Hatch


Plotstyles Styles

Files (Caddie Defaults)

Arch-SA.ldf (Arch-SA Layer Definition)

Caddie.ks (Keyboard Shortcut)

Caddie.ldf (Caddie Layer Defination)

USCommon.dic (Dictionary)

USMain.dic (Dictionary)

USUser.dic (Dictionary)

User Folders & Files

These are the Files &  folders specific to the current logged in user and includeds the following:

Files (User Specific)
customcommandnames.txt (
userCaddie.ksu (Dictionary)
userCustomizationData.dat (Screen Layout Data
Various Temporary Files
These changes will also make it lot easier when installing future versions of the software, as none of the folders need to be changed.


You can specify the actual folder used using 'SETTINGS | ENVIRONMENTAL SETTINGS | FOLDERS'. This is also a good place to check the folder paths you may have previously set up. 


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