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Caddie 9 and 64 bit Windows 7

Why does Caddie 9 not recognise my dongle on 64 bit Windows, or Windows 8 (32 bit) or later?


Caddie 9 uses various components developed by other companies. One of these is the driver for the dongle. The dongle driver in Caddie 9 was developed approximately 18 years ago. It was developed for Windows NT4 and Windows XP. This was long before Windows 7 was developed so the developers could not anticipate the requirements for 18 years in the future. Windows 7 requires a completely different driver architecture, which has been implemented in later versions of Caddie using modern versions of the dongle driver.


Can Caddie 9 use these later drivers?


No. Many of the 3rd party modules in Caddie 9 are now obsolete. In fact many were obsolete by the time Caddie 10 was launched - one of the many reasons for the different look to the interface. The newer dongle drivers require that the software is compiled with a modern compiler - they will not compile using 1990's technology. Equally many of the components in Caddie 9 will not compile with a modern compiler - they require a 1990s compiler. It is therefore impossible to combine the modern dongle driver with the other components in Caddie 9.


Is there a solution?


Yes, there are two solutions. The best solution is to upgrade to a modern version of Caddie - the current versions of Caddie are available for 64 bit versions of Windows. If for some reason you are unable to run a current version of Caddie, Microsoft provide a utility called a virtual PC (Windows 7) or Hyper-V (later versions of Windows), specifically for running older obsolete programs. Depending on your version of Windows, Virtual PC / Hyper-V will either already be included, or it must be downloaded separately.


See this Microsoft Article for more information.  For further information on how to set up a virtual PC, click HERE . 
Please note that according to Microsoft "Windows Virtual PC" is only supported on Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate.  And it doesn't support parallel ports, so if you have a parallel dongle it will have to be exchanged for a USB one.
Also note that Caddie no longer offers support for versions of Caddie older than approximately 8 years - see this article for the current support status.
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