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Installing Caddie



Installing Caddie

Installing Vio

Running Caddie for the First Time

What To Do If Caddie Runs in Demo Mode

      Updating the Dongle Security Key


Mainenance Date Is reported Incorrectly

Installing Network Dongles



Please read the following guide before installing Caddie.

Using the standard options, the installation of Caddie should be straight forward.

The installation process will vary depending on the license you have. There are three types of license:

  • Softlock License

The  period of the license can be purchased. This is issued for a short term rental of Caddie or a Student license. At the end of the time period the license will revert to Demo

If no time has been purchased the license is Evaluation and lasts for 14 days. After 14 days the license reverts to DEMO. It can be converted to any other license at any time.

The licence for a softlock is a one off per computer, regardless of software version, and is not transferable between computers.

  • Hardware License (Dongle / HASP)

Full Caddie, needs a Hardware key which also needs an additional driver to be installed (see below)

  • Network License (Network Dongle / HASP)

Needs a special hardware key and additional License Manager software to be installed on the Network Dongle Server. This is covered at the end of this document.

Evaluation - The Evaluation license lasts for 14 days. Caddie will automatically be in Evaluation when Caddie runs for the first time or is the selected license.

Demo is a full installation without the requirement of any hardware or software license. The only limitation is the ability to save or copy drawings or drawing elements (including backups). Caddie will run in ‘DEMO’ mode when:

  • The Softlock 14 day evaluation period has finished
  • A hardware dongle is not present at the time of Caddie loading or it has been removed with Caddie running. Note if the dongle has been removed or has failed to work dure to system reasons, Caddie will need to be re-started with the dongle in place and working.
  • The hardware dongle has not been authorised
  • There are no more Network licenses available
  • Incorrect HASP driver has been installed


image004  If you have a security dongle install the software before plugging It in.
To install the software insert the DVD into your  DVD player and it will Auto Run.
If it doesn't run, use Windows Explorer to find the file ”Setupsplash.exe” on the root of the DVD and run it.



Full Instalation

From the dialogue, select Full Installation and follow the installation prompts and do a Typical installation. Caddie also requires some Microsoft TM Operating System files to be downloaded and installed. This will be done automatically so let caddie do this. If these are blocked by your fire wall or not run, Caddie will not run correctly.

Redering Extrension

This is normally installed at the same time as Caddie. If it need to be installed separately from the dialogue, select Rendering Extension to install Caddie Vio photo-realistic rendering integrated into Caddie Professional.

Symbol Library

You will normally be asked if you want to install the symbol library. If it needs to be installed separately, this can be done by selecting Caddie Symbol Library from the menu.

Training Videos

From the dialogue, select Install To Hard Disk to install the Caddie training videos.

Note these training videos are on the Installation disk and not the What’s new video disk. The Video disk is designed to play from a standard video recorder or a computer with the correct programme and drivers. Additional drivers for a computer can be found by “Browsing This Disk” from the installation menu and running the file in the “VLC” folder.



Plug Dongle In

(Skip this step if you have an Evaluation or a Time limited license.)

If you have been provided with a Dongle Key (HASP) then now is the time to plug it in. Insert the dongle into a convenient USB socket and wait for it to light.

Run Caddie

When Caddie runs for the first time there are a number of settings that need to be finalised so you will see the following dialogue.

(If this is a Caddie 18 reinstall, this step maybe ignored so go to  “What to do if Caddie runs in Demo Mode”)

  1. Select your region
  2. Select the License type.

Choose one of the following depending which licence you have (the introduction explained the various licence types).

  • I have a Dongle Key (HASP) choose

‘I have a dongle connected to this computer’

  • I have a network dongle choose

‘I connect to a network dongle on another computer’

(see separate instructions for installing a network dongle).

  • I have a time limited license (softlock), you will not have a dongle and you will have an activation code choose

‘I have a time limited software license with an activation code’

  • I am evaluating a version of Caddie for the first time

‘I don’t have a  Caddie License – I am evaluating Caddie’

If the Evaluation has expired Caddie will run in Demo Mode.

3.  Select the applications you want to load.0
  • A suggested selection is either ArchUK or SA_Arch and 3D.
  • (You can right-click on the Caddie application button when in Caddie to load and unload applications at any time.)
4. Once set select OK.

Caddie may restart a number of time during this proicess.



Caddie will run in Demo Mode if any of the following occurs

Your Time Lock period has elapsed

If you have an Education version or a load of caddie there will be a time period associated with you licence. Once this has expired caddie will revert to the Demo mode. If you need to extend this period Please contact Caddie. Note the softlock licence is on a per-machine basis and cannot be transferred. Contact Caddie for further information.

Your Evaluation period has elapsed

The standard evaluation period is 14 days

You haven’t inserted your HASP key (dongle) if you have one.

If you have a USB dongle. This needs to be inserted and lit in order for Caddie to recognise it and before caddie is run. If it is not recognised this can be because the drivers have not been installed or are to wrong ones for you operation system. If the dongle is lit then all you may need to do is fllow the instructions below, to obtain the security file.

Your need to obtain a security file

Your dongle may be lit but the security file is the incorrect one for your licence. If you are a maintained user then follow the step s below.


Updating the Dongle information

Go to the Help Menu and select ”Dongle Info” and you will see the dialogue below.
image037 image039
If you have a the software has been installed correctly, you should see the number of your dongle mentioned.

If it Has a number

  • You are running in either Evaluation or Demo mode. If this is required then there is nothing else to do
  • If you have a Softlock then you will need to activate your license. The easiest way is to connect your computer to the internet and select the ACTIVATE NOW button. Manual activating is also possible by selecting your required options.
  • If you have a dongle select the ”Download Latest Security File” button. Once done you will get the following  message.
Select 'YES' and Caddie will restart in the mode you are licensed for.

If you have a firewall or your Windows security blocks the replacement of the file you will have to first remove the existing one manually. To do this go to MENU | | HELP | WINDOWS EXPLORER. This should open Windows Explorer at the Caddie folder. Find a file called MSDBUTILS.DLL and delete it. Now try the Download Latest Security File“ again. 


If dongle number is blank


If you have a Dongle and it is plugged in and lit, run the  Uninstall Hasp Driver followed by a Reinstall Hasp Driver from the Hasp Tools Tab. Note the driver installed should be as shown or higher. 

If  this still doesn’t produce a number then please contact Caddie (ACS).



Caddie has an inbuilt notification of the maintenance date for the dongle currently plugged in. This date is normally set from the online database and in some cases may take some time to update. However if you wish you manually update the date for the dongle, go to HELP > MAINTENANCE INFO. If you don't know what your maintenance date is, contact Caddie support.

Tick the box “I have renewed my maintenance” and set to date to the correct date of maintenance expiry. If this is unknown, contact Advanced Computer Solutions for the date on record.

Note: If this is the first year of using Caddie then the date will usually be the initial invoice date. If you have already updated your maintenance an email would have been sent with the new expiry date. In some cases the invoice for any updates may include the expiry date.







Before installing the Network Dongle

On workstation on the network will act as a ’Dongle Server’. It is not necessary that this server has Caddie install but before we install the necessary Net Dongle Licence Manager, we need to ensure the dongle drivers are installed. This can be done by installing Caddie from the Install Menu on the CD (as already mentioned). If Caddie is not required on this workstation then just install the HASP driver (also on the Install Menu).

On the Dongle Server:

Using Windows Explorer find and install the latest Hasp driver from the Drivers / Aladdin folder of the Caddie CD.
Find the Licence Manager in the Net Hasp Files folder on the CD (LMSetup.exe) and OPEN (run) it..
image048 image050
Check the driver is 8.32 or higher. Select ’NEXT’ Accept the licence and click ’INSTALL’
image052 image054
You can install the Licence Manager as a service or
load it at start up. It is  preferably to load it as a Service.
Select the required option and ’NEXT’
Use the default install path (you can change it if required).
Select ’NEXT’
image056 image058
Use the provided group name and ’NEXT’ Select ’NEXT’ and the Licence Manager will be installed.
If you have a Network HASP plug into a spare USB
socket and wait for it to light. If it doesn’t light reinstall
the HASP driver from the Install menu on the CD or
form ’CADDIE | HEPL | DONGLE INFO’ and the
HASP TOOLS tab (see above).
  Then select ’FINISH’

On the Caddie Workstations

The HASP drivers for dongles will be installed when installing Caddie on other workstations.
image004  This next step is important
On the workstations requiring to use the Network Hasp, run Caddie and go to ’MENU | HELP | DONGLE INFO’. Choose the ’Check For Network Dongle First’ from ’DONGLE TOOLS’ tab and restart Caddie. 
After following the above procedure, the Network dongle should work. 

Setting the Network Address

To change the way the local workstation finds the Network dongle, go to ’MENU | DONGLE INFO’ and choose the ’Network’ tab’ Firstly try setting the network path to AUTO.
If the dongle still can’t be found ask your network manager to enter the correct IP address and other require details.
image002  For further information regarding Network Hasps refer to the PDF file in the NETHASP folder on the CD (135-Install_LM_Under_Windows_7.pdf)


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