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Caddie won't do a backup or save a drawing.

You may be running Caddie in Professional, Budget  or Educational mode, but Caddie won't allow you to save drawings, 

If you get the message that the file is read only and it is i.e. opened somewhere else or from a read only drive, such as a CD,  you should be able to save it to a different drive or folder. or with a different name or at least to the desktop or root of you local machines drive if it was opened from a writeable drive.

If you can save it locally but you can't save to a network drive, this indicates a network problem.

You can't save any drawings that have been opened from a CD (or read only device) back to the same or another read only device.


If you try to save a drawing and it says it is read only even if you do a Save As with a new name, it is likely that the issue is not the drawing or the folder but a privileges issue.

A classic scenario is to log on as a guest. Guests, by the nature of what they are, do not have any privileges what so ever, and you will always get the massage when trying to save. Caddie isn't  even allowed to do a Backup. A test for this is to try and do a forced backup (FILE | SAVEOTHER | BACKUP NOW).



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