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Why do my dashed lines look continuous

This applies to Vector linestyles (those that do not start with a 'P' in the name). There are a number of possible reasons for this.

  • In order to speed up the redrawing of the screen, Vector lines will only be displayed with the line style when the zoom level is sufficient to show the style. A 'REGEN' will probably need to be executed before the line styles show. The converse is true when zooming out. Vector lines will show dashed untill a 'REGEN' is executed.
  • The more common reason for vector lines showing as continuous lines is the render mode selected. On the bottom status bar the rendering mode can be changed. Only 2D wire frame (depicted as a rectangle icon) will show vector lines correctly.


 chaaging rendermode


  • The render mode chosen also effects solid fill hatches and opaques With a 3D render mode chosen only lines for the edges of the hatch or opaque will show.
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