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Why are multiple objects selected when a Caddie drawing is opened in another program?

Opening a Caddie drawing into other CAD programmes causes multiple objects to be selected when selecting a single object.


In caddie we use a function called Patterns. This is function logically associates all the objects in the Pattern by assigning a unique name all the Patterns objects share. The objects in a pattern can be manipulated (copied, moved, rotated and have their properties changed etc.) either individually, or by using a Pattern command, all at the same time (like a group) without physically locking them together as Blocks would do. This functions is also used by other DWG based drawing systems but the function can have different names, typically “Groups”.

What happens with Patterns (Groups) when opening a DWG drawings in another programme

When opening a Caddie generate drawing in other programs the functionality of Patterns remains the same as it does in Caddie. However the default way in which these are handled in these other programs can be different. For instance some other programmes default to selecting all the objects in a group (pattern) when a single object is selected. To the untrained eye this gives the appearance that the objects are block when in fact they are not.

How to Change the way Patterns (groups) are handled in other DWG programmes

To change the way these groups (Patterns) are treated you may need to check  with your software user guide to find what the control is to change the “Select All” function.

As an example you may find that you can toggle group selection on and off by using a keyboard shortcut such as  CTRL+H or SHIFT+CTRL+A. Some systems also have settings in the options dialogue for selection. Look for something like “Selection of Object Grouping” or “ Object Grouping”. Also look in your products user guide for the System variable such as “PICKSTYLE”.

Searching the internet using your favourite search engine for “Object grouping DWG” or “DWG PICKSTYLE” will also turn up a number of useful tutorials and help pages.

How To Have a Single Click Selection of Patterns (Groups)

You might be interested to know that the single click selection is an option in Caddie. To set this up go to 'MENU | SETTINGS | MOUSE'. Selectio the 'PATTERN SELECTION' option from the left Single Click drop down.

mouse properties


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