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Insulation And Other Linestyles Plot The Wrong Size

Applies To:

Caddie 16 upwards


My insulation lines look great on screen, but when I plot them they are massively oversized. How do I fix this?


For each sheet there is an option of whether to scale vector linestyles. If the insulation or car parking, or in fact any of the vector linestyles appear far too big, then ensure that you are in the sheet you want to change then go to Sheets -> SetSht and on the bottom right of the dialogue change the checkbox called 'Scale Viewport Linestyles'.


Why is the option there?


If you have several different viewports at different scales and you want the linestyles to look the same size in each (for example for a linestyle such as Center) then the checkbox needs to be switched off. However in the case of insulation linestyles etc., where they should be drawn according to the scale, scaling should be switched on.

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