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How Can I Store & Recall Zoomed View


All versions of Caddie* (The context menu option is from Caddie 17 Build 3)


Can I save and recall a zoomed view.


Yes this is done using the Store Zoom and Recall Zoom commands found in the Display section of the Caddie App or from Version 17 build 3 on the context sensitive menu.


With larger drawings, 3D drawings and AEC drawings getting the view on the screen as you previously had set can be time consuming. Using the Save and Recall views commands can save a lot of time, and take you straight to any orthogonal or perspective views you may be using,


Saving / Recalling

To save a view for future recall, use the standard Caddie Display – Store group of commands.  For ease of access the store view and Recall View buttons are also on the Context menu under Layers & Display







  • Presents a dialogue where you can give the current view a name. This will also remember if the view is perspective or non-perspective



  • Available from the Context Menu under Layers and Display. See Above
  • Recalls any previously stored view
  • Select the required view from the list and the OK.


Show View position

  • Only show views created on the WCS – in other words, as viewed for a 2D drawing, so not of interest here
  • Delete View
  • Deletes either the indicated or all stores views
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