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Configure AEC Door Types (2)


Watch the Tutorial Video and
Download the Door Style Drawing

Choose from 20 standard door types for your AEC Doors

Step-by-step easy to follow guide

Why watch:  Learn how to set the door type and configure AEC doors styles to use when drawing floor plans and AEC modelling.


Step-by-step easy to follow guide

Watch the video

Caddie Door Types

Download the Style drawing

Door Types include;
Single, Double, Opposing, Sliding Folding, Overhead and more...

'WOW! I was amazed by just how easy Caddie 20’s ‘AEC Build’ tools are to use, and genuinely gobsmacked at the results I was able to produce in such a short space of time.  In just over 20 minutes I managed to produce a complete model of my building, even including the roof, which I could view in the form of plans, elevations, or full-on 3D model.'

Peter Fishenden for Quantus Developments Ltd.


And much more - New features in Caddie 20

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