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How Can I Save a Drawing in a different version of DWG

Applies To

All versions of Caddie from Version 10


How can I save a drawiing in a different version of DWG?


With the drawing open, go to MENU>FILE>SAVE AS or MENU>SAVE OTHER> SAVE COPY (Ctrl+F2)

In the dialogue that has opened, select the DWG version displayed, and a drop down list will display all the versions that can be saved. Choose the required one.

save drawing

Note: if the drawing contains any AEC objects and is Caddie 17 or later (2010 / 2011), saving to earlier DWG versons will require saving the AEC objects as "Proxy Objects". This is true for Caddie users or other DWG users.


drawing defaults

Select either of the two options shown in the box with the red line as shown below.

drawing defaultspo2


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