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Will Caddie run on a Macintosh?

Caddie runs on Windows operating systems. If you want to run Caddie on a Mac you will need to run Windows on the Mac either as a virtual machine of through Bootcamp.


Caddie 19 has been successfully run on an Intel based Mac through VMWare, Parallels and Bootcamp on Windows Vista Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 8.1 (Bootcamp and Parallels).

Please note that our support staff can assist with Caddie issues but are unable to assist with configuring VMWare, Parallels or Bootcamp. We are unable to guarantee the compatibility of Caddie with any Macintosh computer.


Additional information for users running Windows as a virtual machine:

You need to ensure that your Windows virtual machine has access to the USB port so that Caddie can recognise the dongle. If the light on the dongle is not illuminated then either the virtual machine does not have access to the USB port or the Hasp device driver has not been installed correctly on the virtual machine.


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