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Where Are My Plot Styles?

Applies to 

Caddie 10 and higher


Where are my plot styles?


Plot styles in a Caddie  DWG (or any Caddie drawing type) are stored as individual files (yourname.ctb) in a plotstyle folder. Also when in the Caddie plotstyle manager (MENU>FILE>CONFIGURE PLOTSYLES) copying, creating  or renaning plotstyles will use the desiganated folder.

The actual place where this is will depend the version of your Caddie or your operating system or your choosen location (see below).


Prior to Caddie 16

The default plotstyle folder is in the installed Caddie folder and is called “Ploltstyes”.


From Caddie 16

The folder structure changed and the new position for this folder moved and the location will depend on the operating system.


To make it easy to find the default  folders an option was added to the Caddie menu which will take you directly there.

To access this do the following:




This opens the common folder in a new Windows Explorer window. There you will see the plotstyle folder. Open this folder and drag and drop, paste a copied plotstyle file or note the folder path for the future.



You can also use the Windows search function to search for "plotstyles" or "*.plt"  (without quotes) on the C: drive etc. and that will find the correct folder.


Changing the Location of the Plotstyle Folder

If you want to change the folder to a different location, make sure the new location has the required privileges to read and write.


Expand the folder and double click the folder path

Select a new path and OK.


The new path has been selected.

The method mentioned above, used to find the default folder, will still show the Caddie default folder and not your custom folder.

To find where that is at any time, use the same method as when changing the folder. This will show the path which you can then use Windows Explorer to find.,


This method can also be used to find the current location of the plotstyle folder.



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