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Saving a Copy of Your Drawing With a Different Name

Applies To

Caddie 16 and above


I would like to save a copy of the drawing that I am currently working on as a copy with maybe a different name or with a different path. When I do a 'FILE | SAVE AS', with a new name or / and a new path, the current drawing name or path changes. This means that a subsequent save will save the drawing with the incorrect information. How do I keep the current name and make a copy somewhere else?


For Caddie 16 there is a new command, which is 'FILE | SAVE OTHER | SAVE COPY'. Using this command a copy of the current drawing is saved with what ever name or / and folder you want, but the current drawing name  and / or  folder is preserved. Therefore a subsequent 'SAVE' will use the original file name and path. 

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