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What is the Best Format for Large Images Used in Caddie?

Applies To:

Caddie 16 or later


I have a very large image I need to insert into a Caddie drawing. What is the best format to do this?


When inserting very large images into Caddie the best image formats, are ECW and JPEG2000. 

ECW is the format used for vary large terrain type maps, such as those from satellite images. Normally images of this type will already be in the ECW format. If you wish to convert an existing image to this format, you will need an external converting programme.

The other format is the JPEG2000 (or JP2) format. This is the recommended format for large images such as scans from an existing drawing in high resolution. For instance an A1 drawing scanned at 600dpi.

Modern scanners and output devices may be able to create these images in the JPEG2000 format. However if you are unable to create the JPEG2000 format, or you already have your image in another format, you can use the internal converter in Caddie.

This is accessed from Convert on the Modify Menu.

convert image jpeg20001

  • Select Convert Image to JP2000
  • From the explorer window select the file you wish to convert
  • Select the folder where you want to save the image

A new image in the format of JPEG2000 with the existing name is now saved in the suggested folder.

The existing image is still intact.


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