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Unexpected results when specifying coordinates during move or copy?

Applies To:

Caddie 10 and later


I select some objects and I want to place them at a specific distance and direction relevant to where I pick the object from. I specify it using a X ,Y  & Z co-ordinate but the object ends up in a completely different position. Why is this and how can I stop it happening?


There are two ways in Caddie that the measurements are done.

ABSOLUTE (ABS) the default in Caddie

flag absolute

Absolute will always make measurements from the UCS origin by default

So 0,0,0 will be the Zero Origin of the User Co-ordinate System (UCS). The UCS is on the World Co-Ordinate System (WCS) by default.

The UCS can be moved, so therefore the absolute position is also moved.

If when typing in the x,y,z co-ordinate value, it is preceded by a hash (#) - #0,0,0, the absolute measurement is made from the absolute position of the WCS.


flag- rel

Relative measurements are always taken from the current origin in the drawing, which is indicated by a small white rectangle.


The reason your selected objects where moved to a position which you were not expecting was probably due to the fact the ABS flag was set and not the REL flag.

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