Listed here are some of the new and enhanced features in Caddie 17:


Latest 2010 / 2011 version .DWG file format gives you enhanced compatibility

with support added for 2010 / 2011 version . DXF Files too:


Important information regarding backwards compatibility of drawings created in Caddie 17:


Caddie 17 is based on the 2010 / 2011 DWG standard.


When you save a drawing to a previous release file format, not all objects and properties will be supported. This is because the industry standard DWG format used to support 2010 / 2011 format drawings includes functionality not compatible with earlier versions.


Primitive drawing objects such as lines, polylines, arcs circles, blocks etc. will be compatible, but the AEC objects such as doors, windows and walls etc. cannot be converted to earlier formats.


If your drawing contains AEC objects and you want to send it to a system that does not support 2010/2011 DWG you have 2 choices:


  • Save the drawing to an earlier format after ensuring that proxy graphics will be created (in the Drawing Defaults dialogue). If a user opens the drawing in the previous version, they will be able to view AEC objects as proxy graphics, but cannot edit them;


  • Save the drawing using Save Other -> Save Exploded AEC Drawing. This will convert all AEC objects to blocks containing primitive objects. The saved drawing will no longer contain AEC objects, so will lose a significant amount of intelligence.


Note that since AEC objects have different representations in different view directions, the current modelspace view will determine the content of the exploded or proxy objects, i.e. if your drawing is in plan view when you Save Exploded AEC Drawing, or save using proxy graphics, the saved drawing will contain a 2D representation of the drawing.


Fastest Caddie ever with universal command language and core performance improvements:


Utilising the latest development tools has resulted in an overall improvement in performance on most command language functions. In addition upgrading some of the 3rd party libraries have improved performance significantly in some areas such as loading and saving drawings.


Automatic monitor detection for easier single / multiscreen working

Moving from dual screen to single screen resets off-screen dialogues:


Caddie automatically detects how many monitors you have  connected and automatically resets any dialogues from a missing screen to your active monitor so you never lose a dialogue again.


Print 3D models in Hidden Line mode


Now you can print Hidden Line representations of your 3D models straight from your modelspace and Viewports.   Just set to Hidden Line mode then hit print; perfect for quick axonometric and perspective views of your 3D models.


Sheet or modelspace name prefixes the drawing name when printing:


When a drawing is sent to the printer, the printer will show the sheet name and the drawing name making print management easier..


SANS 204 Fenestration Calculations implemented helping you satisfy the 2012 energy efficiency regulations:


The new regulations due to come into force in South Africa in January 2012 require fenestration calculations to be performed on buildings as part of the overall design requirement for energy efficiency in buildings, Caddie 17 includes tools to help you satisfy these requirements.


Save sheet: create a new drawing containing only the information from a single drawing sheet:


Now you can create a new drawing with just the information required for an individual sheet.  Save Sheet takes only the objects required to create a new drawing from a Sheet and its Viewports making it easier to extract information and issue drawings.


Delete of multiple sheets implemented:


Multiple sheets can be deleted by pressing the Ctrl or Shift keys when selecting the sheets.  Brilliant for simplifying imported drawings.


CSM Scale command enhanced:


The Scale command on the Context Sensitive Menu (CSM) has been enhanced to allow you to type in coordinates when using dynamic scaling.


Create Point from shapes:


The ability to place a point at the centre of a shape has been added. This is required for some DTM users since the survey points are sometimes inputted as shapes.


Insert Points at text origins:


You can now place a point at the text origin. Sur=1 > Txt>Pts.  Ideal for use when converting 2D to 3D points using the DTM tools.


2Dpolyline intersections and grips implemented:


Intersection snap mode now finds intersections between legacy 2DPolylines to make snapping easier,and they also now have grip points to make them easier to manipulate.


Sorting of grid dropdown box entries implemented:


When there is a dropdown box in a grid in a dialogue, the entries can now be sorted alphabetically making it easier to keep track of AEC objects and material styles, for example.


Drag and virtual element colours and properties enhanced:


You can now control the colour and other properties of virtual elements such as ‘drag’  to make it easier to see the changes you are making.


Simple orientation of AEC Doors, Windows and DWA implemented:


Orientate your doors, windows and Door Window Assemblies at the time you place them saving time.  Simply click the side of the wall required to place and orientate in one operation.


AEC Sections enhanced:


Many new enhancements have been added to AEC sections including:

  • Major speed improvements with sections created up to 100x faster than in Caddie 16
  • Easier selection of objects and extents to make creating sections faster still

Surface Hatches added to AEC sections so now you can create fully hatched elevations automatically


Context Sensitive Menu (CSM) options enhanced to include line colour for Sections:


New options have been added to the context sensitive menu when working with sections, including the ability to identify and select the selection line. Also the section colours can now be controlled directly from the Context Sensitive Menu rather than having to use AEC style manager or display manager.


Additional properties; Profile implemented and Get Parameters for AEC Doors, Windows and DWAs:


Object Properties now shows additional properties including the area, ideal for helping with energy calculations, for example. AEC Doors, Windows and DWAs can now have custom profiles assigned to them to define their shape giving greater flexibility and design freedom. And a new option has been added to the dialogues to let you grab the parameters from an existing object rather than having to type them all in manually.


Cross sections along a profile implemented:


Multiple cross sections of a DTM can be generated at intervals along a polyline profile. Ideal for creation od sections through roads, for example.


Mouse right double click speed control:


The speed of the mouse double right click can now be controlled so you can set up your mouse to work at the speed your fingers do- Setting > Mouse Button Setup.


Recall Last Selection implemented:


Your last selection can easily be recalled by Edit > Recall Last Selection, so now if you’ve selected your objects then need to tweak something, no problem


AEC style manager enhanced:


The AEC style manager has been enhanced with additional options and cosmetic improvements to make customizing your AEC objects easier.


Bay window command added:


A new command has been added for creating bay windows with just a few simple clicks. No need for complicated setting out and multiple operations, just set your preferences and let Caddie do the rest.


Wall properties enhanced:


Additional properties are now editable for AEC Walls using Object Properties including overrides for cleanup radii and end caps enabling you to individually tailor the walls you draw.


Export survey points enhanced:


An option has been added to add only the code to the drawing when exporting points rather than adding the code and coordinates etc.


Leader arrows enhanced:


Leader arrows can now be created as Polyline or Spline arrows to give your drawings that hand drawn look.


Mtext underlining implemented:


MText can be underlined at creation (set in Text Par Set) or after creation using Object Properties.


Walkthrough creation can be paused:


When creating the slides for walkthroughs, the creation can be stopped and then subsequently restarted from the same point, so you no longer have to wait .for the whole sequence to finish before you can do other things.


File Open now supports CEX files:


Caddie CEX files can now be opened using File Open. The object types supported are: Lines, arcs, circles, text, leaders, patterns, polylines and layers.


Remap Lines and Remap Pens now supports objects in blocks, and further enhancements:


When using the remap commands there is a tick box on the dialogue to remap objects in blocks so now you can remap lines and pens without having to edit each individual block. Remap Pens has a more intuitive interface and new mapping file support. Note that V16 and earlier Pen Map files are not supported in V17.


Clone enhanced:


Dimension Styles can now be cloned making it easier to match the properties of new and existing dimensions in your drawings.


AEC display configuration enhanced for Wall Plan:


New tabs added giving control over mitres and displayed objects to help you tailor the way your drawings look.


Vio Rendering is now scope sensitive:


Caddie VIO now only renders the objects in scope to make test and selective renders much faster.


Auto-refresh of ECW and JP2 images implemented on Zoom and Pan:


When using the pan and zoom commands on drawings containing ECW and JP*  images, the images are automatically refreshed rather than requiring a regen making working easier.


Component manager enhanced:


Drag and drop has been implemented for the Component Manager making it quicker and easier to add library blocks to your drawings.


AEC Windows can have the ‘Rise’ property set at creation time:


When inserting non-rectangular windows the rise property which partly determines the shape can be set from the Window dialogue making them easy to insert removing the need o edit each windows properties individually.


Context Sensitive Menu (CSM) Copy enhanced:


Copy has been enhanced on the Context Sensitive Menu to allow copying of AEC Doors Windows and DWAs so you no longer need to create then all individually


CSM Railings enhanced:


When adding railings to stairs using the CSM, the anchors can now be controlled at the time you insert them rather than having to control them through Object Properties.


Curved / Helical Stairs added:


With Caddie 17 you can now helical stairs as well as the spiral, multilanding and straight flights provided in caddie 16..


Viewport display order enhanced:


Hatches, pictures etc. in viewports now display behind objects drawn on top of them giving you greater control over the way your drawings look.


Email Drawing enhanced:


The email drawing function has been extended to allow longer pathnames and provide faster zipping.


More preset snaps:


Preset snaps have been added for some CSM transformation commands to enable you to personalize Caddie to your own preferences.


ByLayer property enhanced:


The ByLayer property has been enhanced to show the actual colour of the layer in dialogue controls to make working with objects using colour by layer more intuitive.


User-defined Hatch Previews implemented:


Holding down the shift key while hitting the default button on the Hatch Set dialogue, sets the current zoom as the default value for the hatch preview, especially useful when using custom hatches that have patterns requiring different zoom factors.


Object Properties Materials enhanced:


A new option is added to object properties to show object materials for all components of the selected object so now you don’t need to go into the AEC Style and Display Managers just to see what the properties are.


Object > WCS enhanced:


The Object to WCS tool, which forces objects onto the WCS,is now enhanced to consider more object types, including blocks..  This tool is ideal for use when working on imported drawings that have been drawn with inappropriate ‘z’ heights, for instance, as well as being useful as an aid in various 3D modelling situations


Miscellaneous enhancements to Object Properties:


Many new options added to object properties, especially when working with multiple objects of similar type.  The new functionality includes additional property field options that allow of editing of multiple objects, as well as an array of additional properties for individual objects, including those created using the AEC application.


AEC Truss Layouts and Roof Height Calculator implemented:


Additional functionality has been added with the AEC Truss command AEC Trusses can now be inserted and the roof height calculated.


Erf areas hatched, numbered and calculated:

Arc=4 > ErfArea will add hatch, text, numbering and areas to erven.

Joe Snape discusses how Caddie gives him complete freedom to design, and how the one on one support provided by the Caddie team has enabled him to develop his CAD skills from simple 2D plans to fully rendered 3D architectural building models.

'I find Caddie such a fantastic program to work with as it enables me to create everything I need, no matter what type of drawing or modelling I need to do, with the only limit to what I can design and produce is my own creativity.  The Caddie support team are superb too, with Andrew and Sam from ACS Ltd. going well above and beyond to help me whenever I’ve needed assistance.
Before I switched to Caddie, I would struggle to produce even basic CAD plans, but now, thanks to the help and advice I’ve had from the support guys over the last 3 years I’m creating full 3D building models complete with life-like material textures too.  The building models I create enable me to produce all of my 2D plans, sections and elevation drawings, plus the 3D views rendered views that enable my clients to get a great understanding of how the finished building will fit into its surroundings.  I don’t believe that I could have made such huge strides with any other system and cannot praise Caddie and Caddie support enough for helping me to achieve this, they have been excellent, A* Service.’

Joe Snape


"Caddie is still the best CAD system on market, - I can vouch for that"

Richard Likupe

Palmleaf Architects

Architect, Richard Likupe on the UK Launch of Caddie 25, and the benefit of upgrading

''The new functionality on display at the UK launch of Caddie 25 more than met my expectations, and I congratulate the whole team for their hard work in improving an already great program. This will make it easy to demonstrate to new people what CAD can do. 
Using the new software is a revelation too, from the first moment I opened Caddie 25, I found it so much faster than my previous versions; and with thousands of new Catalogue items to choose from it’s easy to create high-quality drawings and models quickly.
In short, I’m a very happy Caddie customer.'

Richard Likupe  BA (Hons), Dip., Arch., MA,  RIBA., MIA

Updating to the latest Caddie is simple, with inbuilt auto-configuration and migration tools; but with Caddie Remote Assistance you can have the latest updates installed and configured for you, like Martin McGahon of Town & Country Planning Ltd.

'The ACS Support guys were fantastic!

They installed the latest Caddie software update for me, even migrating all my settings, completing the process in a matter of minutes and making the whole upgrade process seamless'.

Caddie  - the 'Complete Package'

'We are very impressed and excited about Caddie. It is inspiring to see everything that Caddie can do and it is a major advantage that you have someone you can talk to about needs and implementations to increase productivity.

Finally there is a "complete package" and we can proudly say that we are part of the Caddie family.'


Architects Ink.


Philip James of Philip James Architecture reflecting upon his recent move to using Caddie;

'I should have done this years ago...when you first came to see me, in fact!'

“I’m not used to support like this – if more people realised how good it was they would also be using Caddie.”

‘Caddie Tea Break Tutorials’

Just a quick email to let you know that we were very pleased to be part of the tutorial yesterday. It was a great way to see what the function does, and so much better than reading about it! 

I look forward to trying it out, once I have got the latest version of 19 downloaded.


Bruce Whitehead

Price Whitehead 

Chartered Surveyors & Rural Consultants

After doing the three day Quick Start Course I drew quicker on Caddie than on my old system

Colin Logan of 9yards Property Ltd. reflects on how much faster he can draw his architectural plans now using Caddie's smart AEC Build tools...

'I now use Caddie’s AEC Build tools for all my architectural plans, drawing complete and fully hatched walls at a stroke, and adding doors and windows just as easily.

Amazing to think that I used to draw all my walls manually, creating lines and offsets then hatching them all in individually - What a chore that was!'

I have just had my most productive year ever - and that is largely due to using your Caddie software.

‘Caddie Time-tracker takes the embarrassment out of billing!’

‘Caddie’s Time-tracker enabled me to produce a full listing for all the time I had spent working on my client's drawings at the push of a button.’

‘the Time-tracker printout, detailing ‘Work Time’, Open Time’ and Saved Time, along with the actual time and dates of the drawing sessions made the job of agreeing on the bill easy’

Stewart L Thorley, Building Plans & Design

Read full article…

Peter Fishenden discovers how easy Caddie 20’s ‘AEC Build’ tools are to use...

'What can I say, WOW!

I was amazed by just how easy Caddie 20’s ‘AEC Build’ tools are to use, and genuinely gobsmacked at the results I was able to produce in such a short space of time.  In just over 20 minutes I managed to produce a complete model of my building, even including the roof, which I could view in the form of plans, elevations, or full-on 3D model – and this I’m especially pleased about since it now allows me to show exactly what is going to be built in a form that everyone can understand, not just for those who can read plans and elevations.'

Its quite fantastic how Caddie changes your life.

The Tea Break Tutorials are a revelation!

'For anyone who doesn’t benefit from  an office full of CAD savvy colleagues, or enjoy the luxury of a dedicated  iT department, the Caddie Tea Break Tutorials are a brilliant, short, fast, and easy way of picking up those tips and techniques that can really speed up everyday working.'

Ian Collier Chartered Architect

Caddie user John Fenton on finding immediate benefit from updating to Caddie 25.

'I had thought that I would need to spend money upgrading my Graphics Card ,but switching to Caddie 25 solved my 'Long Pointer' screen drag problems at a stroke. Brilliant!.'

‘The Caddie YouTube videos are the best thing you've done, and absolutely essential when one lives and works in north of Scotland as I do; whilst I don’t take in this kind of information too well over the phone I can watch the videos in any spare moment I get, even late at night, and this makes them ideal for keeping me up to date.’

Hugh Mackay, Drafting Services

"These training videos are awesome - there is so much more to Caddie and its  great way to discover its full potential."

Graham Rocher 

Personal support is essential for creating a successful company

'I would like to say how much we have appreciated CADDIE support over the years (26 years so far!). You have always been very prompt in dealing with any problems we have encountered, a service essential for the smooth running of the practice, so many thanks indeed.  The fact that the relationship is personal and not via some anonymous help-desk is very important to us as our practice has been built upon personal relationships with clients and providers alike. We hope that relationship will sustain far into the future.'

Philip Tilbury
Herbert J. Stribling & Partners


“Thank you very much for your commitment to us - the Caddie Users"

Caddie Tea Break Tutorials

 'Thank you - incredibly helpful!'


Really useful tips in bite-sized chunks

'The Tea Break Tutorials are brilliant because they provide really useful tips in small bite-sized chunks that you can start using immediately, making them easy to remember!'

Stephanie Willcox - Architect

Caddie is incredibly quick to use, and also most importantly it’s very easy to learn, irrespective of your previous CAD experience

Caddie user Mark Brown of  WW Brown & Sons commented on the value of the support he gets through the Caddie Maintenance programme;

'We would have no hesitation in recommending Caddie.  We have found Caddie support to be extremely responsive, assisting with any of our queries promptly over the phone and providing invaluable follow-up information'.


"The new PDF underlay feature is going to save so much time. The ability to snap to precise points on a PDF drawing is really quite amazing; no more guessing and freehand approximation."


Dan Kantorowich


A longstanding Caddie user's comments on the value of the support he gets through the Caddie Maintenance programme;

'Before calling Caddie support I had spent about an hour attempting to work out why I could no longer enter figures into my Construction Line offset command, but when I called the Caddie support guys, they quickly identified my problem and helped me fix it.  It turns out I had caught the 'NumLock' key by accident changing the function of the number pad keys on my keyboard!

I find the support I get through Caddie Maintenance invaluable, and paying for my maintenance by Standing Order means that I can pick up the phone and ask for help any time I have a problem.'

As an Architect, Caddie draws the way I think.

I really don't know what I would do without Caddie now

Ross James of James Steel gets some help from the Caddie Support Team in streamlining his workflow;

'Thank you for your help on Wednesday you were very fast to give me a fantastic solution which will save me a lot of time and effort in the future fantastic service as usual.'

Kind Regards
Ross James

I have already won a job directly as a result of using Caddie’s 3D.  After seeing the model the client immediately gave me the project

My skills have developed rapidly with Caddie and I believe it allows me to produce excellent drawings far quicker than any program I have ever used

'Loving the scroll through the paper sheets ideal for larger projects when we have loads of paper spaces.'

Andrew Dukesell, principal of DBD Architectural Consultancy Ltd., commenting on some of the new functionality available in Caddie 23


Steve Harrop discusses the importance of good customer when choosing a CAD system.

'When I was deciding which CAD system to buy I tried ringing their support numbers at 16:45 on a Friday.

Company one, NO ANSWER.
Caddie support answered, 'Afternoon Steve, how can we help you today'?
Help when you need it makes a big difference. (Especially in my case!)'

Steve Harrop


“What we needed was stability and ‘DWG’ compatibility. Caddie has provided both”

'I have found Caddie to be user-friendly and simply wonderful to do architectural drawings with'
'I had no full time training from Caddie. This was my own decision, but Caddie''s consultants were very helpful and understanding by helping me whenever I require help.'
Henry Losper

With Caddie, changing drawings is now a small rather than a major part of my life

You wouldn't recognize the office now, there is no drawing board, just my Caddie workstation

Melvyn Shackleton commented on the value of the support provided for Caddie by ACS Ltd.

'If you want your drawing problems sorted rapidly, go to the experts, call Caddie support!'

Unique access to Caddie's development

‘Almost immediately after switching from AutoCAD to Caddie I realised that Caddie had some big advantages and just how unique Caddie is in giving every user such direct input into the way the software is developed, even for small practices like mine.  Whether it’s the fact that it’s a lot more ‘English’ in the way it works or the invaluable and extensive support, be it tweaking an existing command or adding new functionality to solve some new problem; it’s always possible to speak directly with the Caddie guys and get our ideas built directly into the software; incredibly useful, and very refreshing.’

Matthew Goddard BSc(Hons) MRICS
Asset Construction Consultants

Paul Adams switches to Caddie and prefers it to AutoCAD for drawing his architectural plans, sections and elevations

‘I had been an AutoCAD user since 1996, but  found switching to Caddie really straightforward, and I now use it for all my drawing work.  My work consists mainly of drawing up existing surveys along with plans, sections and elevations and overall I find Caddie better for drawing.'

Caddie saves me the equivalent of two staff

Even working on archived drawings is quicker with Caddie

'I now find it quicker and far less painful to export drawings from my old CAD system so that I can load and work on them in Caddie, even if it’s only a 10 minute job!'

Anthony Staig IBC Architects

'I used Caddie 9 but Caddie 14 makes things much much simpler', Johannes Mnyandu, Department of Public Works

Your Caddie software has revolutionised the way we work - we produce far better drawings much more quickly – should have changed years ago.

The key to successful implementation is effective training

The migration between Caddie 12 and Caddie 14 is seamless. You can’t see a difference until you start to experiment with all the new functions. The backup support form Caddie is still a constant and always satisfactory.

I first came across Caddie several years ago (I think it was version 8!) and with every new release it just gets better and better. I believe that it is unique in giving every user direct input into the way the software is developed and the fact that the relationship is personal and not via some anonymous help-desk is very important to us. It’s always possible to get a query answered quickly and efficiently which is essential for the smooth running of our practice.

Sebastian Walsh - Hibbs and Walsh Associates Ltd

After doing the three day Quick Start Course I drew quicker on Caddie than on my old system

Enhance your workflow…

Comments posted after watching the latest Caddie Killer Tips videos;

Make sure you’re not missing, watch the videos HERE


Andrew Dukesell

Good tips as ever, really like the polygon selection, I wasn't aware of that.

Very useful.


Philip James

Some really useful tips.

Amazing that I couldn't draw a line a few weeks ago.  Picking it up very quickly.  Many thanks to Tony for his unbelievable patience!! Wish I did this years ago.


Allister Godfrey

Andrew thanks again for a very instructive video, I had forgotten about the poly select ... that's gonna be another of those tools I can't live without!


Allister Godfrey

OMG... I use copy and increment on text A LOT, but I have never paid any attention to copy multiple in the list ... genius!


Andrew, thank-you once again for a VERY informative video!

James Morford comments on why choosing Caddie CAD software has proved to be a great decision for his practice, providing a simple, easy to use way of creating .DWG architectural drawings backed by outstanding support.

'I have been using Caddie for 18 years now and seen how the software’s ability has progressed with time to meet clients expectations. I personally don’t use the 3D capabilities but the software’s ease of use and simplicity have been instrumental in my drawing efficiency and quality. I would highly recommend Caddie to any Architectural company. The technical support is outstanding and easily understood. All of my drawings are in .dwg format so I work seamlessly with engineers etc….'

James Morford
Architectural Services

In-place Block Editing with greying out of remaining drawings Objects

'Just a quick one to thank you so much for the excellent feature regarding the block edit where everything else is greyed out.  It really is little tweaks like this that makes Caddie so good.  It is fantastic and not only tells you that the block is being edited, it makes it much easier to see and edit.'

Matthew Goddard BSc(Hons) MRICS
For and on behalf of Asset Construction Consultants.

Having been a KUHLMANN drawing board user in the 80’s I felt safe in the sense that I wouldn't have to adjust to the new technology “Computers”. Then I was introduced to the DOS version of CADDIE. We upgraded to CADDIE 5 Professional and used the programme until the hard drive of the computer gave up and I was forced to upgrade. We installed CADDIE 9, 12 &15. I was familiar with the CADDIE 9 and did not want to adjust to use the “NEW CADDIE”.


How wrong can one be?  Ever since I started experiencing the latest version of CADDIE it is an absolute pleasure. If I get stuck, help is just a phone call away.


Thank You CADDIE for an excellent drawing programme.


N J van Rensburg

'Thank you for the latest You Tube link. Very helpful - have been doing this stuff manually; it is great to see that it can be done automatically.
Look forward to the next YouTube training tip.'


The Price Whitehead Chartered Surveyors


 YouTube   Check out the latest Caddie time saving videos on YouTube videos...