Caddie .DWG Architecture compatible software support

Caddie is more than just a CAD system

Choosing a CAD system isn't just about the software.  Yes, Caddie is a tremendously flexible and versatile  system offering a comprehensive array of discipline related tools for Architecture,  Civil and Mechanical Engineering and Surveying; all of which make drawing and modelling much quicker than ever before.  But when you choose Caddie, you also get access to the outstanding backup and support service that will help make the transition to using Caddie easy.  A support service that the Caddie Maintenance package allows you to tap into long after you first bought your Caddie software.


Total Peace of mind with the Caddie Maintenance Package

Caddie Maintenance provides you with the backup support you need to keep you working effectively, as well as the benefits of ongoing software development to provide you with all the latest productivity enhancing tools to make your time more productive.


Caddie Support.

Caddie users the world over appreciate the benefits that come with using Caddie every time they need assistance.  Simply call the Helpline to get fast access to expert knowledge providing help with problem solving and maintain productivity.  The Helpline can also help you with tips and guidance on using Caddie, providing advice related to your own projects to boost your proficiency.  Caddie support comes with that personal touch too, so even new users needn’t be afraid of asking those ‘obvious’ questions.  Whether you need help with a specific problem, or would simply like to learn more about the tools that Caddie provides,  the answers are only a phone call away.


Caddie Software Updates

As a designer you are constantly faced with new challenges, whether through developments in materials technology, methods of construction, or the increasing demands of clients and regulatory bodies.  To ensure that you always have the tools you need to deal with these challenges, Caddie Maintenance can keep your Caddie software right up-to-date direct from the Caddie web site; letting you download the very latest enhancements to keep you working effectively and with maximum efficiency.


Caddie Open Day Support

With Caddie Maintenance you can also supplement your Caddie Training by taking advantage of the innovative Caddie Open Day Support Programme.  This gives you the opportunity to spend a whole day working on your own projects alongside our experienced Caddie support staff.  With help and advice, and tips for improving speed, efficiency and presentation readily available, you will have the perfect opportunity to develop your Caddie skills even further, making your time even more productive.


Caddie Maintenance is easy

Caddie Maintenance is available for all your Caddie software, whether you are using Caddie Professional, Caddie Budget or Caddie Educational.  New perpetual Caddie licences include maintenance, providing you with software updates and telephone support automatically.

If maintenance is not already included with your software you can upgrade your Caddie to include 12 months maintenance at a very reasonable cost per licence at the time of purchase of your software.


Can I get Caddie Maintenance after the first 12 months?

Yes - Continuing your Caddie Maintenance couldn’t be simpler.  For a small annual fee per licence you can continue to enjoying the benefits provided by having the most up-to-date Caddie software, providing you with all the latest time saving tools.  You will also have unlimited access to the Caddie Helpline to provide, quick answers to your questions, when you are stuck, and tips and advice to keep you working efficiently


What if my Caddie Maintenance Expires. Can I restart it at a later date?

You can renew your maintenance but must do so on or before the expiry date. If your maintenance lapses, you will offered the option of converting to an annual licence which will give you all the benefits of maintenance but your upgraded licence will expire at the end of 12 months and will need renewing to continue operating.


Single Incident Support

Whilst Caddie Maintenance provides you with the backup support you need to keep you working effectively, if you are not maintained and have a problem, we can still assist. Simply purchase a single incident support package and we will assist you with the specified problem. However only one issue can be addressed with a single incident support package.