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Caddie Landscape Application

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The Caddie Landscaping Application provides you with an array of tools designed to make producing both scheme drawings and schedules easy.

As a landscape designer, Whether you work alone or as part of a larger design team, Caddie's native '.DWG' drawing format makes transfer of information simple. And with its internal PDF writer featuring layering support, issuing and submitting drawings to clients and Local Authorities is simple too.

Featuring automated tools to create, label and schedule everything from specimen trees and shrubs, through perennial beds and bulbs, to hedges and grassed areas, Caddie's Landscape Application takes the effort out of producing fully costed landscaping schemes. And with easy to use editing tools, you can also develop a landscape database to include your own favored species, along with size, planting densities and costs.

By using '.DWG' as its native drawing format along with support for 'DXF', Caddie is the market leader in providing integrated productivity tools allied to the seamless transfer of information with industry professionals worldwide.

The Caddie Landscaping Application Provides You With:

Seamless compatibility 
Transparent file sharing using Industry standard '.DWG' file format.

Fast drawing editing and enhanced drawing presentation.

Multi-unit support
Planting densities for easy working on any scale of project.

Starter Databases
The Caddie Landscaping Application is the ideal personalised landscaping design tool with provision to customise and add items to:
  • Trees
  • Climbers
  • Specimen Shrubs
  • Shrub beds
  • Ground Cover
  • Perennials
  • Bulbs
  • Hedges and
  • Woodland mixed planting
Automated scheduling
Making ordering and pricing simple for planting areas.

The Caddie Landscaping Application is included as standard with Caddie Professional


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