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Classroom Based Training

At Caddie we understand that the key to successful implementation of the change to any new software is effective training. Training which not only addresses your needs as a user, and the type of work you do, but deals with them in terms you can understand and relate to rather, than just in computer jargon.

Our Caddie training courses are specifically designed to make learning Caddie easy, whether you are new to the package and using it for the first time, or wanting to develop your existing skills to increase your productivity even further. Each course breaks down the things you need to know into series of manageable exercises, and uses examples taken from real world situations to maintain relevance and make learning easier.

What’s more, class sizes are kept to an absolute minimum with each person having their own computer to work on for the duration of the course. This way you can be sure that you get off to the best possible start with Caddie, no matter what your prior knowledge or experience.

Face to Face Training Courses

The perfect course for those new to Caddie, dealing with everything you need to know to get you drawing effectively. This course begins by introducing you to the basic concepts and principles of drawing, teaching you how to use Caddie’s flexible drafting tools to prepare surveys and create your own designs in plan, section and elevation.

You will learn how to make and edit blocks, incorporate hatches, colour fills, text, dimensions and even photographs within your drawings, all using simple to follow exercises. And once you have mastered the basics, we take you further into the system, showing you how to produce floor plans, detailed sections and elevations, using Caddie’s fantastically quick architectural tools; arranging and printing your drawings on your own title sheets.
For those wishing to develop their ideas in three-dimensions, this course provides the ideal start.

Learn how to create 3D models quickly and easily using Caddie’s advanced 3D tools, convert your existing 2D drawings to 3D, even add life-like textures to your models to provide that extra sense of realism. And for when you need to go that extra mile, let us teach you how to create ‘walkthroughs’ to really sell your ideas.
Learn how to maximise the impact of your schemes by adding material textures to your models that reflect your real-life design choices, viewing them live in your drawings and enabling realistic snapshots from any angle or direction instantly.

Then for that finishing touch, learn how to produce high quality presentation photo-real images of your models complete with geo-location accurate shadows, ideal for impressing clients and committees alike.
The ideal course for anyone already familiar with Caddie wanting to take their knowledge and ease of working to a new level. 

The course introduces delegates to tools and concepts fundamental to each and every Caddie drawing to make creating and editing drawings quicker and simpler, as well as introducing some of the newer functionality within Caddie to help streamline workflow. 

Whether drawing only in 2D, or using Caddie to produce information rich drawings,  schedules with 3D models displaying realistic material textures, this course will help revolutionise your productivity with Caddie.

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Online Training

As well as a range of face to face courses, we have a number of online training courses available to study at your own pace without leaving your desk.
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