The following information provides details of the Terms and Conditions under which Caddie users can 'Introduce a Friend' to purchase a Caddie software licence and be rewarded.

Introducer: a customer with a Caddie licence introducing a "New Customer". 
New Customer: a customer not previously known to Caddie who purchases a Caddie licence.
Caddie: Caddie Limited and its subsidiaries
Expiry Date: Midnight July 31st 2019

The Caddie Introduce a Friend Scheme provides an incentive for existing clients to introduce their friends to Caddie. It does this by rewarding the introducer with an incentive, the value of which is dependent on the licence purchased by the new customer.  To qualify for the offer the New Customer must have purchased and paid for their Caddie Licence by the Expiry Date. Caddie will credit the introducer with vouchers at the rates shown in the Table below.


Licence Purchased Introducer's Reward 
Caddie Budget R500 
Caddie Professional  R1000


There is no limit to the number of introductions that can be made by an Introducer.

This offer cannot be taken in conjunction with any other offer from Caddie.

This offer is available only through the Caddiesoftware website and all introductions must be made through and registered with Caddie Limited. To this end the prospective Introducer is required to complete an online application form.

This offer is subject to licence availability and Caddie's management's absolute discretion and for the avoidance of doubt, Caddie may at its sole discretion decline an application without explanation.

Caddie reserves the right to amend or withdraw this offer at any time without prior notice.

This offer will automatically expire at the Expiry Date.

Introductions cannot be made retrospectively.

Introducers who are in arrears or in dispute with Caddie will not qualify for this offer.

This offer excludes Caddie employees and cannot be offered commercially.
The Introducer does not act as an agent or as a representative of Caddie.
The Introducer cannot transfer their rights to anyone. Caddie's normal terms and conditions of purchase apply.

All copyright, trade marks and other intellectual property rights relating to Caddie remain vested in Caddie. 

Caddie will not be liable to the Introducer under Contract Law, Law of Tort or otherwise for any loss of profit or revenue or other type of economic loss, direct or indirect, loss of business, contracts or goodwill and any contract terms that the Law normally implies do not apply to this offer, as far as the Law will allow.