Important end of life Information Caddie 22

If you are currently using Caddie version 22, then you need to ACT NOW ALL support for Caddie version 22 will cease at midnight on 31/12/2019


What Happens If You Don’t Upgrade?

You will not be able to get help or support for Caddie 22 (or earlier)
So if your computer fails; Windows OS updates prevent Caddie from working, your computer gets infected by a virus; or Caddie stops working for some other reason – then you’re on your own!

You will not be able to get help installing or reinstalling Caddie v22 (or earlier)
If you upgrade or change your computer and Caddie doesn't work– then again, you’re on your own!

Your Caddie software will no longer have any value
Until midnight on 31st December 2019 you can re-license your Caddie 22 software without having to purchase a new Caddie licence.

By re-licensing your Caddie system, you would get a 12-month Caddie 25 licence, plus the software support and updates to keep you working effectively.

However, after 31st December, any requirement for the use of Caddie that requires any update will require the purchase of a new Caddie licence.


Don't Lose Out - Take Action Now

To maintain your ability to draw in the future and avoid losing the value of your Caddie software you need to take action NOW...

Upgrade to Caddie 25 NOW  

Reactivate your Caddie 22 licence to get
Caddie 25 licenced for 12 months with 12 months software updates and support

SA +27 (0) 12 644 0300

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UK +44 (0) 1234 834920

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Allister Godfrey of Allister Godfrey Architects Ltd says;
‘By keeping up to date with the latest Caddie software I’m now able to produce more drawings, more quickly, and to a higher standard, which keeps me affordable, and one step ahead of my competition: no bad thing when it comes to winning jobs!’
Allister Godfrey, Allister Godfrey Architects

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Licences secured to a parallel port dongle are subject to an additional dongle exchange fee.

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