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Caddie Survey Application Online Training Course.
Video based course showing how to use the Caddie Survey Application tools to import and export survey and GPS data, load satellite images and more...
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The Survey Application is the first course within the Caddie 'Specialist Application' category of online courses. It is aimed at users who are competent with drawing using Caddie software and have a reasonable understanding of the principles and terminology of surveying.

It will enable you to make the most of the Survey Application without having to wait to attend a face to face course.

You can set your surveyor mode, place coordinates, draw by polar or survey coordinates, add join text, insert survey points, coordinate import and export, import GPS coordinates, load satellite images and use survey and GPS measure tools.

You will need to have access to Caddie software and an internet connection to be able to undertake the course. 

Successful completion of the Caddie Basic Online training course, Caddie Basic classroom course or the equivalent self-taught experience should be viewed as a minimum requirement.

Once you have enrolled you will have 4 weeks to complete the course. You will be able to study anytime and anyplace that you have an internet connection and Caddie running.

Click on each module title, watch the video and then answer the questions to complete each lesson. Some of the modules have more than one lesson and practical exercises to complete using Caddie. You must work through each of the modules and lessons sequentially, to complete the course. 

To gain a Certificate of Achievement, each module and the accompanying exercises and questions must be completed. There is a pass mark of 75% and a minimum length of time to spend in each lesson. 

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Once your payment has been processed you will be enrolled onto to the course.