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Caddie Budget TL UK

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Fast, accurate drafting + Budget UK Arch or DTM Apps Relicensing is available for this product.

Licence duration

Caddie Budget

Note: Caddie Time limited licences may be relicensed at a fraction of the cost of re-purchasing.
For more information please visit Caddie Licence Renewals.

What's included;

  • Latest version Caddie software
  • .Dwg native Read/Write for easy file sharing
  • Caddie Software updates for duration of licence
  • Caddie Helpline support or duration of licence
  • 1-to-1 Remote Assistance Support for duration of licence


For fast and accurate 2D drafting and a choice of either 2D Architectural or 3D Digital Terrain Modelling (DTM) Specialist Application Tools, Caddie Budget is the perfect tool for preparing traditional drawings quickly and effectively.

Caddie provides:

  • Seamless compatibility for transparent file sharing using Industry standard .DWG file format
  • Choose either integrated budget Applications for; Architecture or Digital Terrain Modelling- no need for extra software, expense or time spent learning
  • Work from your office, site, at home, or even on the move using Caddie's optimized menu structure and portable licencing
  • Style based editing for Text and Dimensions make it easy to give even imported drawings your own personal stamp
  • Advanced Hatching tools make creating, editing and manipulating Hatch and Colour Fill boundaries and islands easy
  • Live internal and external block creation, insertion and editing make drawing mods quick and easy
  • Comprehensive symbol library provides the content you need without scouring the web
  • Fast and friendly answers to your user questions as part of your Caddie Support
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