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Caddie Budget DTM Time Limited UK

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Caddie Budget DTM Time-limited Relicensing is available for this product. This product provides the user with the specialist terrain modelling tools that help transform productivity levels plus the intuitive drafting functionality of Caddie Budget to provide a comprehensive basic and cost effective terrain modelling solution. Drawings are saved in .Dwg for industry standard compatibility.

Licence duration

Caddie Budget DTM 12 Month Time-limited

Note: Caddie Time limited licences may be relicensed at a fraction of the cost of re-purchasing.
For more information please visit Caddie Licence Renewals.

Caddie Budget DTM includes all the main application CAD tools of the Caddie Budget package to provide a comprehensive basic drafting solution with the addition of the specialist terrain modelling tools that help transform productivity levels way beyond that normally expected at this price point.

The site models and sections produced using Caddie Budget DTM (and Caddie DTM) when saved will be in the industry standard .DWG drawing format, making them perfect for working on, not only in Caddie, but also in any other .DWG compatible system.

The main Caddie Budget drawing application provides all the tools needed to sketch, design, and detail your ideas, to produce superb quality, character full drawings that will bring your designs to life.  Caddie Budget combines the total flexibility required to create designs as individual as you are whilst retaining the elegant simplicity that has made it the system of choice for working professionals the world over.

Caddie Budget DTM provides the following terrain modelling tools:

  • Automated generation of 3D point heights from 2D survey drawings
    Don't waste time plotting and projecting points; let Caddie Budget DTM raise your levels into 3D in seconds

  • Automated 3D TIN (Triangular Irregular Network) generation
    Create 3D models from point height data for enhanced site visualisation

  • Site levelling with volume change information
    Re-work the levels on your sites and get instant feedback on the volume changes involved

  • Optimised cut and fill
    Take the hassle out of calculating the optimum cut & fill level, reducing development costs

  • Automated generation of site sections and updating
    Create site sections in seconds, complete with level annotation and automated update functionality

  • Volume difference calculation
    Compare the impact of alternative schemes to aid with costing

  • Automated generation of site contours
    Create site contour drawings in seconds, complete with major and minor contours and level annotation

  • Convert 3D TIN models to smoothed 3D Meshes
    Create smoothed site models for enhanced realism

  • Drape facility to map aerial photographs onto 3D Site Mesh
    Automated mapping of aerial photographs to your 3D site model including auto-rotating and scaling


Plus all the drawing and editing functionality of Caddie Budget 

  • Native .Dwg file format plus .Dxf import and export
    Industry standard file format for seamless and transparent drawing sharing

  • Freedom to design
    Simple and intuitive 2D drafting with added 3D modelling facility

  • Outstanding quality presentation
    Ideal for 2D plans, sections and elevation drawings

  • Construction line
    Geometry line based drawing system makes drawing creation simple

  • Portability
    Optimized menu structure to make working easy whether in the office or on site

  • Dynamic selection and object grips
    Fast and intuitive working with enhanced information feedback

  • Associative hatching and dimensioning
    Make changes to your drawings and see the dimensions and hatching update automatically

  • Live internal and external block creation
    Fast manipulation and drawing editing with live Block reference insertion and editing

  • Comprehensive symbol library
    Save time drawing and enhance presentation with content from the comprehensive Caddie symbol and Block libraries

  • Unrivalled support
    Get all the answers you need to help you draw and model successfully via the Caddie Helpline - included for the first 12 months with Caddie Budget DTM 


Caddie Budget is also available as a Budget Architectural, Budget Surveying or Budget Mechanical package, each featuring the discipline related tools for the specific application.

If you require full object oriented 3D Modelling and / or photo-realistic rendering please consider Caddie Professional with Vio.


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