Caddie and Windows Vista & 7 Security

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Created on Tuesday, 13 April 2010 14:45
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For some operations, when running Caddie on Windows Vista or Windows 7, additional permissions over and above the standard user permissions maybe required. These operations may include:

Allowing Caddie additional permissions only effects the way Caddie works and does not alter the security of any other programmes. Allowing Caddie to have administrator privileges can be achieved in a number of ways:

The first is the right click on the Caddie launch icon and select 'Run As Administrator'


However this will have to be done every time Caddie is launched.

There is permanent solution.

Windows Vista

Using explorer, go to the Caddie folder. A quick tip is the use the 'Windows Explorer' link in the Caddie Help dropdown. This will take you directly to the correct folder. Find the Caddie 15.exe file and right click it. Select the Compatibility tab and tick the 'Run the program as an administrator' tick box.



Windows 7

Right click on any Caddie 15  program or short cut icon and select properties. Select the Compatibility tab and tick the 'Run the program as an administrator' tick box.



For Both Operating Systems

If you have more than one user logging in to use Caddie, select the 'Change settings for all users' button. Now select 'OK' and you should find, when you run Caddie, you can save, or recall, a screen layout.


In addition you need to set the access privileges to the Caddie 15 folder. To do this use Windows Explorer and navigate to the Caddie 15 folder. As mentioned above the quick way to find the Caddie 15 folder is to use ‘MENU | HELP | WINDOWS EXPLORER’ which takes you directly to the correct folder.

In the left pane, right click the Caddie 15 folder and select properties.

Select Edit




Select User ( etc....) - The name will be the current user.

Tick the 'Allow - full control' box and 'OK'





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