The properties of selected object can't be changed

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Created on Monday, 29 November 2010 12:58
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A common question is why with objects selected can't  the properties be changed. There are a number of answer to this and it can depend on the type of object that is selected.

Here are a couple of examples.

If a block reference is selected, the objects being displayed are part of the block information and not the selected Block Reference. References have their own properties and it is these that you change with Object Properties.

There are some cases where changing the properties of the Block reference can change the way the contents are displayed. This will only happen if the block objects have there assignments set to one or more of: Pens 'By Block', Linestyles 'By Block' and Pen Thickness 'By Block'. In these cases the contents will be displayed with what ever the Block Refence current properties are.

If the objects being displayed are directly assigned, rather than 'By Block' the block  needs to be edited. Note however that all Block references displaying this Block will also be updated. If this is not desirable then either copy and edit the block or if you don't require a block, 'Explode' the reference and then change the properties.


Another reason the selected objects can not be edited is they may be on a locked layer. Go the 'CADDIE | SCOPE | LAYER SET' and check the layer has the 'E' in 'VSE' available. If not select the layer and choose the 'E' flag at the bottom of the dialogue. As a note more that one layer can be changed at a time. Use the standard Windows 'Control' or 'Shift' selection method.