How do I rotate the text in a dimension

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Created on Thursday, 06 January 2011 13:44
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Caddie 16 and above


I have a dimension where the text would be better at 90 degrees to the arrow line. How do I do this?


This can be done, but only on dimension text that is horizontally aligned.

If need be go to the DimSet dialogue, go to the text tab. Select Text Alignment = HORIZONTAL.

Close the dialogue by selecting the OK.

Draw the dimension(s) as normal, or edit an existing one (DimEdt).

Select the dimension you want to change and go to object properties. Look for the field 'HorText Align' and change the angle to 90 degrees (or any other angle). This will affect all the selected dimensions.


This is an override and it will not affect future dimensions, even after a GETDIM therefore a DimEdit doesn't have any effect. Also note that if global styles are used, a change in the dimension text angle will only affect the selected dimensions and not any other dimensions using the same style.