Calculations in Dialogue Boxes

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Created on Monday, 28 February 2011 16:03
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Applies To:

Caddie 15 and later


How do I do calculations in dialogue box fields?


Depending on the complexity of the calculation and the input field type you can type it straight into the dialogue box field or alternatively you can use Caddie's inbuilt calculator to do more complex calculations.


If the field is a simple numeric input box you can type in a calculation and then either hit F2 or Enter to see the result.





34 * 29

2 * 6 / 23

15 * cos(30)


For more involved calculations, or if the uinput box is a dropdown list, access the calculator by right clicking the field and selecting 'Calculator' from the dropdown menu.




When you right click on a dialogue input box you will often see 'Buffer' on the dropdown list. This is also available on many dropdown list boxes too, but on these you must right click on the small downward pointing triangle to the right of the list box.