How is the display of the grid controlled

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How is the display of the grid controlled?


Grid display is determined by a number of factors. The grid display and grid colours are controlled from the ModelSpace Setup in Settings.


To display the grid both the Show Border and Display Grid tick boxes need to be ticked.

Earlier version of Caddie allowed the colour of the border and the grid to be displayed independently. That is no longer the case. Grid colours are changed using the border colour dropdown. The Grid Line Colour dropdown no longer has any use.

Grid Parameters allows the size and angle of the grid to be changed. The value of the X and Y  dimensions is drawing units and will therefore be related to the current Base Units (which can also be set here).

If the Set Origin box is ticked, you will be asked for a new grid origin on exit of the dialogue. This origin is only the grid and is not either the WCS origin (which is fixed) or the UCS origin which is set by the UCS commands. This does , however effect the positioning of any grid snaps when used.



While on the subject of Grid Snaps, just remember that if the grid snap is ON the Grid Snap Icon on the status Bar will be set to Green.


When OF it will be the default GREY.