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Caddie Architectural provides you with the tools you need to make the most of the time you get to design.  Whether you want to create a 3D building model, viewing your design from every conceivable angle, or simply produce a set of plans, sections and elevations in a fraction of the time it would take to draw line-by-line, Caddie Architectural makes it easy to produce the drawings you need to satisfy clients, planners and building control.

Sharing information is easy with Caddie; no time wasting conversions necessary, just save and load your drawings in the industry standard DWG drawing format.
Caddie also supports DXF and DWF as well as allowing you to create PDF files for submission under the Planning Portal.

Architect,  Allister Godfrey RIBAexplains why his Caddie software is so vital to the success of his design led Chartered Practice

'Caddie has given me the leverage to stand out from the crowd in terms of the quality of the drawings I can produce.
Planning drawings are clear and legible, and portray the level of professionalism that I strive to attain.
Construction drawings are achieved with the minimum of fuss and are instantly available in the DWG format to other professionals in the design team which also saves time and money.'

Allister Godfrey
Caddie Architectural provides you with:


Industry standard DWG drawing format
When you draw and model using Caddie you can be secure in the knowledge that you are working in the industry standard DWG drawing format that makes sharing drawings and information easy.  No need to import and export, simply load and save your files for seamless compatibility without losing information or changing your drawings, whether working with fellow Caddie users or professionals using other DWG based CAD systems.  In addition to DWG, Caddie also supports DXF and other formats making it easy to incorporate Ordnance Survey information and manufacturer’s details within your drawings, as well as keeping your clients up to date with your latest schemes

AEC modelling tools
Produce a complete 3D model of your design in less time than it takes to draw out a 2D plan


Country specific content
Caddie AEC provides you with an out of the box solution to modelling your designs in 3D without the need to spend days or weeks configuring  the walls, doors and windows for the way you build

Parametric modelling for maximum flexibility
Create and amend your designs without the need to redraw,  update wall constructions on-the-fly, add, remove and alter doors, windows and openings and watch your model update automatically

Automatic roof generation
Define the pitch, overhang and eaves then add a roof to your building with just 2 clicks, adding  gables, hips and bonnet hips to create the roof design you need in seconds

Add 3D Stairs to your designs
Stairs can prove to be one of the trickiest aspects of any design, but with Caddie’s AEC stair designer you can add straight, spiral, U-shaped and multi-landing stairs to your building models quickly and easily.  Choose the type of stair you want, indicate its position and be rewarded with a full parametric 3D stair to view, section and amend as you please


Generate plans, sections and elevations of your designs automatically
Draw out your building using Caddie’s AEC tools then create the floor plans, sections and elevations automatically, and if you amend your design, simply hit the regenerate and watch them update

Comprehensive array of architectural tools for when you only want 2D
You may prefer to work in 2D for speed and simplicity so Caddie Professional includes a comprehensive array of architectural plan, section and elevation tools to make working in 2D much quicker too

Walls, doors and windows
Save time by drawing solid and cavity walls that come pre-hatched, inserting doors and windows of any size automatically without the need to trim, and create stud walls instantly without the need to copy or array

Floor joist layouts
Create floor joist layouts in just seconds

Building Grids
Create regular and irregular grids for accurate setting out

Section tools
Draw sections through your buildings quickly and easily from 2D drawings using Caddie’s section tools including walls, windows, roofs, floors and staircases and portal frames

Elevation Wizard
Create automatic elevations from 2D plans, hatched and ready to print

Elevational features tools
Add detail to your elevations with Caddie’s brick arch and soldier tools

Artistic Tools for ‘Hand-finishing’ drawings
Create drawings that reflect the character of your designs and your own presentation, including Artistic tools to provide that ‘hand-drawn’ look

Automatic scheduling
Schedule doors, windows, areas and volumes from your drawings at the click of a mouse or pen

Electrical and fire annotation
Create electrical and fire layout drawings with automatic scheduling

Triangulation tools
Plot surveys of irregular buildings quickly and easily with Caddie’s triangulation tools

Comprehensive Caddie symbol and Block Libraries
Choose from a comprehensive range of pre-drawn symbols including people, trees, cars, sanitary ware and many more for professional looking drawings


Caddie Architectural Gallery
Click on GALLERY to see a selection of architectural drawings created with Caddie


Caddie Architectural is included as standard with Caddie Professional and is covered by 12 months software support and software updates


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