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Caddie 26 (64 Bit) Caddie 26 (64 Bit) HOT

Caddie 26 (64 Bit) - Professional, Budget, Educational and Evaluation.


If you are migrating from Caddie 25, do not uninstall Caddie 25 prior to installing and configuring the Caddie 26 program as this will make it impossible to migrate personalised settings and screen layouts from the earlier version.

Caddie 26 provides a choice of Menu Systems and Themes for you to choose from including Classic, and the new Dark and Light Themes.


Caddie Professional provides designers with all the tools they need to sketch, design, detail and visualise their ideas in 2 and 3 dimensions, to produce superb quality drawings full of character and stunning 3D images that bring their designs to life.  Caddie combines the total flexibility required to create designs as individual as you are whilst retaining the elegant simplicity that has made it the system of choice for working professionals the world over.


Caddie provides:

  • Seamless compatibility for transparent file sharing using Industry standard .DWG file format
  • Work faster, work smarter using intelligent AEC building objects to create plans, sections and building models
  • Deliver client friendly 3D schemes to convert proposals into projects
  • Create, draw and modify intelligent AEC building objects for faster, smarter working and AutoCAD® Architecture compatibility
  • Produce automated sections and elevations from your 2D plans for faster drawing production with less risk of mistakes
  • Produce fast and accurate 2D detailed drawings using Construction Line based geometry
  • Integrated Applications for; ArchitectureCivilSurveyingDigital Terrain Modelling,Mechanicaland Steelwork - no need for extra software, expense or time spent learning
  • Work from your office, site, at home, or even on the move using Caddie's optimized menu structure and portable licencing
  • Work faster with less clicks using dynamic selection including QuickSelect, Object Grips, and an intuitive Context Sensitive Menu
  • Style based editing for Text and Dimensions make it easy to give even imported drawings your own personal stamp
  • Pick and place UCS with 2D/3D Snap-lock makes working on your models easy
  • Advanced Hatching tools make creating, editing and manipulating Hatch and Colour Fill boundaries and islands easy
  • Create schedules from your drawings and export straight to Excel® to aid Local Authority submissions and project costing
  • Live internal and external block creation, insertion and editing make drawing mods quick and easy
  • Comprehensive symbol library provides the content you need without scouring the web
  • Fast and friendly answers to your user questions as part of your Caddie Maintenance - no matter how daft they seem


Caddie can be purchased online


The latest hasp driver can be downloaded here

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