Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Business Continuity Planning

Corona Virus (Covid-19) - Licence information for Caddie users needing to work from home / remotely.

If you need to work from a different PC you will need to install Caddie on the new PC then transfer your Caddie licence to it.

How you do this is dependant on whether you are using a softlock or a physical dongle.

Dongle users be aware that if your dongle is lost or stolen, the replacement cost is the cost of a new Caddie licence. Softlock users, there is just a small admin charge should the old licence be lost or destroyed in error.

*** Remote Desktop Working ***

 If it is planned to use Caddie by accessing computers within the office via a Remote Desktop solution, then you should contact ACS Ltd. URGENTLY.

 In order to enable Remote Desktop working, we will need to apply an update to your licence settings.  The update is free, but is required in order to prevent Caddie operating only in ‘Demo Mode’.

For more information, call us now on:       +44 (0)1234 834920.

Or email:                                                    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Transferring a softlock licence:

With a softlock you have two options - transfer or loan to another pc.

Transfer will remove the softlock from the existing pc permanently and then apply it to the new PC. Should you need to transfer it back again, the process can be repeated in reverse.

Loan will temporarily move the licence from the original pc to another PC for a set amount of time. At the end of that time, it will automatically be returned to the original PC. The licence can also be manually returned earlier as required should circumstances change.

For more information about how to loan a softlock licence refer to this video

Which should you do?

In most cases loaning the licence is the better option because it will automatically be returned with no user action required. This means that the original PC will have the licence operational again after the pre-determined amount of time. Thus the licence cannot be stolen or lost in error.

However the disadvantage of loaning the licence is that if the user needs it for longer than the time determined when it was loaned, it must be loaned again.

Note that loaning and transferring a licence can be done over a remote connection to the PC. There is no need for a person to be physically at the PC as long as they can access it and log on remotely.

Transferring a physical dongle:

From Caddie 24, all licence information regarding the Caddie version is stored on the dongle, so to use Caddie on a different machine, the dongle must just be plugged in to the new machine. However, as stated above, if the dongle is lost or stolen the replacement cost is the full cost of a Caddie licence.

Swapping from a dongle to a softlock:

All users can easily swap from a dongle to a softlock for a small administration fee. The licence transfer takes just a few minutes once the appropriate payment has been made. The dongle will then be cancelled and must then be returned to Caddie in a well padded envelope (to avoid damage in transit) by post, courier, or by hand.

Contact Sales for more information: UK: 01234 834920, ZA: 012 644 0300