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The Caddie Tablet Unit

What is the screen size and resolution of the Caddie Tablet?
The Caddie Tablet features a 10.1” capacitive touch screen offering 1920x1200 (16:10) resolution to provide a mobile drawing solution you can really use.

Will I be able to run other Windows 8.1 applications on the Caddie Tablet?
Yes, the Caddie Tablet has an Intel X86 architecture Quad Core processor running a Windows 8.1 Operating System, perfect for running not only the Caddie software, but also many other Windows 8.1 compatible applications too.  Please note that should problems arise with any deviation from the standard Caddie Tablet installation, then a return to base would be required along with a new clean install for which there would be a charge.

Can I connect an external screen for presentations and meetings?
The Caddie Tablet also features the Windows 8.1, Project My Screen utility; allowing you to project whatever is on your Caddie Tablet seamlessly to a second, Miracast enabled screen, perfect for meetings, presentations or large screen working.  The Caddie Tablet also features an HDMI 1.4 video output for connection to a supplementary screen too.

Can I connect an external mouse and keyboard to work at my desk?
When you want to work with Caddie Tablet at your desk, opt for the Caddie Tablet 'Desktop Pack' and get a removable magnetic keyboard and cover that doubles as a convenient stand for your Caddie Tablet, plus a Bluetooth mouse to make precision desk based working easy. 

Does Caddie Tablet include a camera?
Yes, Caddie Tablet features both front and rear cameras enabling the recording of all those important site images for later referral, plus the ability to use Caddie Tablet in association with video messaging services.

Is Caddie Tablet light enough to carry with me on site?
Yes, Caddie Tablet weighs in at around 600g making it light enough to carry with you during those important site inspections as well as for use on whilst travelling by train, coach, as a passenger by car, or in the site office.

Can I connect a wireless mini projector to Caddie Tablet for use in meetings?
Yes, this can be purchased as the 'Presentation Pack’ – Call us on +44 (0)1234 834920 for more information.

Will I be able to save many drawings on my Caddie Tablet?
The Caddie Tablet has a 32GB eMMC disk which holds the Windows 8.1 operating system plus a 64GB Micro SD card (expandable to a maximum of 128GB) for the Caddie system (approx. 2GB) leaving ample storage of your Caddie drawing files and data (based on a typical drawing size of 1MB).

Does Caddie Tablet provide wireless connectivity?
Wireless connectivity is simple with the Caddie Tablet which features built-in wireless Wi-Fi, 802.11b / g / n, 2.4GHz.


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Caddie Tablet Edition Software

What is included in Caddie Tablet Edition software?
Caddie Tablet provides similar functionality to that of the main Caddie ‘Budget’ application and utilises the Caddie 20 ‘Default Menu’ screen layout.
Please note that Caddie Tablet does not support additional applications.

Can I use Caddie Tablet Edition to print?
Yes, Caddie Tablet Edition allows you to print your files as well as creating and editing them.  Naturally you will need access to a suitable printer to facilitate this.

Can I use Caddie Tablet Edition to modify drawings?
Yes, absolutely, Caddie Tablet Edition is the ideal and portable solution to the problem of editing drawings whilst away from your office, making it perfect for use on site, and avoiding those errors that creep in when transcribing hastily made notes.

Can I ‘Save’ drawings and modifications to drawings using Caddie Tablet Edition?
Yes, Caddie Tablet Edition provides full saving functionality so you can save all your new and amended drawings for the duration of the Caddie Tablet licence.

What if I need to use other Caddie Applications such as; AEC, Architectural, Survey, DTM, Civil, Mechanical or Landscaping for my work running on a mobile device too?
If you need the full functionality of Caddie Professional and all its integrated application tools, then no problem, choose Caddie Professional software in Softlocked rental mode, where each Caddie licence is secured to the compatible device of your choice, which will provide you with a fully licenced and supported version of Caddie Professional for the duration of the licence, but without the need for a security dongle, trailing connections or connection converters.

Does Caddie Tablet run Caddie Time Tracker utility?
Yes, Caddie Tablet Edition is fully compatible with the Caddie Time Tracker utility that enables you to record the time you spend actively working on your Caddie drawings.  Normal Caddie Time Tracker licensing arrangements apply.

Does Caddie Tablet run the Caddie Project Tracker utility?
Yes, you can also integrate the Project Tracker functionality with your Caddie Tablet enabling you to fully account for all your chargeable time whether drawing, report writing, on the road or engaged in meetings or on telephone calls. Normal Caddie Project Tracker licensing arrangements apply.


Caddie Tablet Licencing

What is the cost of Caddie Tablet?

The version options for the complete Caddie Tablet package are as follows:

Buy Now    1 yr. licence: £550.00 +VAT and delivery

Buy Now    2 yr. licence: £800.00 +VAT and delivery

Buy Now    3 yr. licence: £1000.00 +VAT and delivery

Can Caddie Tablet Edition be upgraded to Caddie Professional?
Since Caddie Tablet Edition is secured to the Caddie Tablet device there is no upgrade path for this version.  

Can I use the Caddie licence on any other device?
Caddie Tablet Edition is a dedicated licence secured to your Caddie Tablet using Softlock technology, so you don’t need to remember to carry a security dongle or connectors around with you, simply take your Caddie Tablet with you and you have everything you need.  If you need to run the Caddie program on any other devices, then you will require a separate Caddie licence in order to facilitate this.

If I don't use my Caddie Tablet Edition can I sell it?
No, in common with most software, Caddie Tablet Edition is licensed software which is licensed to the purchaser only and as such is not transferable.

Can I extend the Caddie Tablet Edition software licence?
Yes, you can extend your Caddie Tablet Edition licence by paying an additional fee prior to the licence expiry date. Once the Caddie Tablet Edition licence has expired then the licence can no longer be extended.

Where can I purchase Caddie Tablet?
You can buy your Caddie Tablet online via the Caddie website, and we’ll courier it to you so you can get started drawing, editing and presenting your ideas and designs.

What happens at the end of the licence period if I don't renew?
Caddie Tablet Edition reverts to demo whereupon you will no longer be able to save any files you create or amend, and you keep the tablet, for which you assume responsibility. ACS and/or Caddie have no further support obligations for hardware or software once the licence period has expired.


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And if the unthinkable happens…

What Help and support do I get with Caddie Tablet?
Your Caddie Tablet Edition software comes complete with full Helpline and electronic support for the duration of your licence period to help you take maximum benefit from the possibilities offered by your new mobile Caddie system.

What warranty is included with Caddie Tablet?
The Caddie Tablet includes a 1 year return to base warranty in the unlikely event of there being any problem, plus full Caddie support for your Tablet Edition software for the duration of the licence option you choose.

What if my Caddie Tablet is stolen?
The Caddie Tablet warranty doesn't cover theft, so you may wish to insure your Caddie Tablet such that in the event of it being stolen you can claim on the insurance and purchase a new Caddie Tablet as a replacement.

What if I drop it and it breaks?
The Caddie Tablet warranty doesn't cover breakage, but if you send your damaged Caddie Tablet back to us we will replaced it with a similar unit, licenced to the original expiry date for a fee of £275.00+VAT and shipping.

What if I need more information?

No problem, just give us a call via the contact numbers given below and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can;
Tel:         +44 (0)1234 834920


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