Caddie 26 Launch Preview

#3.1 Speed: Asynchronous Functionality

If you have ever been frustrated by your computer program being locked into a task, effectively preventing you from working until the task is completed, then you will love the new asynchronous functionality of Caddie 26.

Caddie 26 employs asynchronous functionality to improve access to information such as the numerous Catalogue libraries available via the Caddie website, downloading and processing the information in the background leaving you free to continue working.  Then, once the download is complete, Caddie provides you with an alerting you the fact that your new content is there and ready to use, no wasted time, no interruption to your working, just easy access to the information you want, as soon as it becomes available.



Speed: OpenGL performance

Find out more about the exciting new functionality available in Caddie 26 in these launch previews:

#1  PDF to DWG Conversion
 Create and insert Polylines, Hatch and Text from PDF documents for drawings that you can edit
#2  IFC Convert & Insert
 Load information-rich IFC BIM content directly into your drawings
#3.2  Speed - OpenGL Performance
 Real-time rendering of Objects for improved working experience - Faster
#3.2  Speed - OpenGL Performance
 One-click switching with instant results
#3.4  Speed - Print Recall Last
 Recall your last used print settings for fast and hassle free print configuration
#4  Create Viewport from Selected Objects
 CAD functionality made simple and intuitive
#5  Global Information - Caddie GIS
 Bring a world of information directly into your drawings

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