New features and enhancements in Caddie are driven by technological advancements. The Caddie user-base has always been a hands-on community and contributes to the functionality and ease-of-use with their numerous requests and suggestions.

Here are some of the new and enhanced features in Caddie 20:


  • New optional simplified screen layouts - choose to use the all familiar classic layout, or swap to one of the new discipline specific layouts.

  • The pull-down menu has been rationalised to contain all the commands, grouped logically, for quick access. For example, Apps contain all the difference application menus, Manage groups the management commands, Configure replaces Settings, all the insert commands are grouped under File | Insert, from Symbol to Restore Backup.

  • The new DPI awareness makes full use of the new generation high resolution screens, recognizing larger font settings in commands and dialogues.

  • The latest Caddie software notification will be displayed at start up and contains the latest Caddie news and information. If you would like to see the notification during your drawing session, select Help | Show Latest Notification.

  • The enabling of the multi-threading feature will speed up the opening and of large drawings, taking advantage of the power of your multiple core CPU. Enable/disable this setting on the Configure | Drawing Defaults dialogue.

  • Managing Saved Views - Set up the different views of your drawing with the View | Pan & Zoom | Manage Views command and enable the View | Pan & Zoom | Docked Views Dialogue for easy zooming and panning on your drawing.

  • The 3D isometric views are grouped on a toolbar for easy viewing of your 3D model. View | 3D_ISO

  • Some users need access to the system variables. These can be set with Utilities | System | Set System Variable that contain descriptions and values for easy customisation.


  • Text explode (within text group, not CSM) now has option to explode to polylines.

  • The text input order has been updated. Enter the text on the Editor, Caddie will then drag the text string on the cursor. You can now place the text in the correct position on the drawing. No need to move the text after entry. When you enter text again, a copy of the previous text string is displayed for editing. Simply start typing to overwrite the copied text.

  • User mapping to substitute missing fonts has been added so that you can select the font used if the fonts in the drawing are unavailable.


  • Selection preview effects can be switched on to highlight the objects in the drawing when you hover the cursor over them.

  • Use the Configure | Selected, Highlighted, Marked & Virtual Objects function to control this setting. On the Hover / Virtual Settings tab, enable/disable Highlight object when no command is active.

  • When you have multiple objects in close proximity during a selection and you are not sure which object will be selected, you can display a dialogue with these objects and their layers. You can select the intended object on the dialogue and continue with your selection. Use the Configure | Selected, Highlighted, Marked & Virtual Objects command to control this setting. On the Selection Settings tab, enable/disable Multi-Selection: Show selection dialogue.

  • Polygon Selection - Adding the in-command shortcut P (Polygon) when using the standard rectangular selection will minimise re-selections. Select Option End on the CSM to end the polygon selection.

  • Paste from clipboard has been enhanced to leave the pasted objects selected, eliminating the need to re-select the pasted objects.


  • Midpoint grips have been added to polylines, making it so simple to move the polyline segment. The connected polyline(s) will be transformed.

  • A great addition to the in-command shortcut options for polyline and spline is the undo (U key on the keyboard) of the last point. You no longer need to restart the polyline or spline is you have picked the incorrect points.

Polygon Mask:

  • Polygon Mask is an AEC object similar to opaque, but can contain islands.

Hatch, Opaques and Dimensions:

  • The Quick Hatch Dialogue right-click Options have been added to manage your quick hatch display and application such as Add to list, Remove from list, Remove All, Inside etc.

  • The in-command shortcut option undo (U key on the keyboard) of the last point has also been added to Hatch and Opaques, eliminating the restart of the tracing if the incorrect point was indicated.

  • A recap of the dimension text overrides: When editing dimension text you can enter dimension text overrides. The 3 most commonly used are \X to force the text line below the dimension line; \P to force a new line in the paragraph; and <> to display the measurement value.

Snaps & Tracking:

  • Polar Snaps and Tracking will help you to align new points with existing locations on your drawing and the tracking can will guide the movement of your pointer along specified angles. You can choose among many different increment angles. Enable or disable Polar Snaps and Tracking on the status bar at the bottom of the Caddie screen. The polar angle settings can be set on the Snap | Polar Snap Settings dialogue.

  • Extension Snap Mode or Drag-On-Line snap is located on CSM under Additional Snap Modes. This is handy for locating apparent line intersections.

  • Whenever you are using the polar snap, the cursor can be moved to the snap marker position with the = keyboard shortcut.


  • Functionality has been added to grey out other drawing objects when editing a block. It is important to note that this disables the editing of these objects. You can set the colour for the greyed out objects. Configure| Environment Settings | Blocks.

  • Block editing in multiple drawings can now be done concurrently.

  • The Modify | Blocks | Change Layer of Objects in Blocks now defaults to "0" and highlights the affected blocks.

  • If you are busy with a block edit and inadvertently add elements to the block, the Abandon Block Edit command will abort the block being edited, keeping the new added objects.

  • Unused Blocks in MVBlocks (multi view blocks) can now be packed (removed/deleted).

  • Move Attribute has been changed to default to the attribute origin.

  • A Block Attribute being edited will now be highlighted for clarity.

Sheets & Viewports:

  • Sheet options on the Sheet Tab has been extended to include Sheet Setup, Reorder Sheets and New Sheet.

  • Through-Viewport Editing has been implemented to allow you to edit the modelspace through the viewport.
    Enable this functionality with Configure | Environment Settings | Enable Through-Viewport Editing. Use the Toggle Through-Viewport Editing option on the CSM to enable/disable the editing.
    Tip: Once done editing, double click outside of the viewport to stop the current Through-Viewport Editing.

  • You can Lock/Unlock the Viewport Scale on the Object Properties dialogue. Please be aware that this functionality will only work in conjunction with enabled Through Viewport Editing and that zooming in and zooming out will change the viewport scaling.

  • NOTE: Viewport scaling defaults to being unlocked in older drawing. Use the File | Drawing Utilities | Lock / Unlock all viewports to globally set all the viewports in the drawing.

Time Management:

  • An icon for the handy Open from History command has been added to the General Menu toolbar for easy access. Open from History now has quick statistics and is chronologically ordered.

  • The Time Management data can be exported to a file and imported on another computer to ensure that the logging is not duplicated when the user works on another computer. Import the updated Time Management data to the original computer to update the time logging.

Improved image and OLE handling:

  • Multiple selection has been enabled on the Manage Pictures dialogue.

  • The ECW and JP2 caching option has greatly improved the image handling when working with numerous large images. Configure | Pictures | Enable ECW / JP2 Caching.

  • ECW & JP2 images can now also be clipped by rectangle.

  • The embedded clipboard functionality of OLE management has been enhanced to include embedded and linked files.


  • Steel Reinforcing commands have been added to the Steel application. Use the Auto-Rebar for rectangular concrete slabs, Custom-Rebar for triangular slabs and Manual-Rebar for freeform slabs. The schedule and cutting lists will table reinforced members.

  • The functionality of Angle and Butt Bracing has been improved.

Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC):

  • AEC Drags Improved - You can now see more detail of what is being dragged.

  • AEC Style Previews have been enabled in the AEC Style manager for most styles.

  • Window Anchor dialogue has a Quick View option and can be viewed in 3D in the preview pane.

  • Uneven Doors have been included.

  • AEC Component Material Editing can be selected directly from the CSM.

  • Structural Members enhanced and cached geometry - Speed improvement in changing views & new styles added. The members (structural, cornices, skirtings etc.) are now drawn on the UCS.

  • The auto creation of AEC Spaces and Polygons from hatches have been added.

  • AEC Scheduling has been updated to include Totals. Pre-defined schedule table styles have been added for spaces, and asset management.

  • DWA Components Display has been improved.

  • AEC Polygon Styles can now be changed in Object Properties.

  • AEC Display Manager - Chevrons have been renamed to swing lines and drawn in the correct pen.

  • Endcap Editing has been enhanced to allow for no endcaps.

  • AEC Spaces now automatically apply styles according to category, and apply schedulable properties for location, owner etc.

Vio Rendering:

  • The Lightworks 9.1 libraries have been implemented resulting in higher quality and up to 400% faster Vio renders.

  • Spot lights cone angle will default to 60 degrees and Strip Lights can be inserted on the model with photometric distribution from light manufacturers.

  • Soft Shadows can be set for natural and artificial lights.

Drawing Enhancements:

  • Modify | Global Editing | Set Pen & Line Style edit now has an optional warning dialogue rather than permanent warning message.

Improved referenced symbol handling:

  • The referenced symbol path can be converted form absolute to relative.

New Catalogue Tool


  • A new Catalogue tool has been implemented allowing drag and drop of symbols and styles.