Caddie 24 Support Top Ten

Discover how to become more productive with the latest Caddie 24 with these Top Ten video support tips based on user support calls.

New functionality

Caddie 24 includes a host of new features and functionality that will make working on your drawings, models and renders, faster, simpler, and more time efficient.  Learn how to make the most of the new Caddie 24 functionalityand find out how to raise your productivity when you watch this series of 10 short videos.

  1. Windows and Graphics Driver Updates
  2. UCS Icon in Viewports
  3. Force Objects to WCS
  4. Time tracker and Open from File History
  5. Dynamic UCS from Catalogue
  6. Dimension and AEC Dimension Styles
  7. Remove Objects from Block
  8. New Keyboard Shortcuts
  9. Hatch Background Fill
  10. Mouse-over Properties

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