Caddie 24 Download available NOW

After a great reception at recent software launch events, the Caddie 24 download is now available to download and install.

New functionality

This build includes some really cool new functionality like Bitmap Image Flood Fill, and Block Flood Fill, in addition to all the new tools and features shown back at the earlier launches.

  • Bitmap Image Flood Fill enables you to fill areas of your drawings with repeating image tiles providing that additional realism for 2D drawings that was previously reserved only for 3D models


  • Block Flood Fill is perfect for filling areas of your drawings when you don’t have a suitable Hatch Pattern. Simply draw out the repeating pattern, save it as a Block, then use the Block Fill tool to create the fill.

Caddie 24 Downloads

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And Caddie Educational is now *FREE for Students and Educators

*for Students and Educators at qualifying institutions, Caddie Educational is completely FREE for non-commercial use (see full T&C)