‘Caddie Time-tracker takes the embarrassment out of billing!’


a user's view on the benefits of upgrading to Caddie Time-tracker Pro


Stewart L. Thorley Building Plans & Design

I would just like to thank you for introducing me to Caddie Time Management Module 'Time tracker'. After my recent purchase in November of the ‘Caddie Time tracker’ I am so delighted with the product.  In such a short time and with your guidance I would like to give praise to the product for the following reasons.

In the past on certain occasions un-intentionally I have been too busy to fill in timesheets and this of course has been a recipe for disaster to invoice clients either too much or too little, this of course is not satisfactory for both myself or the client.  The Time tracker remedies this dilemma after trying out Caddie’s built-in Time-tracker facility, which automatically logs the time I spend actively drawing, I quickly decided to upgrade to Time-tracker Pro to unlock the full range of reporting and drawing history functions, something that has already proved my Secretary Sue was right when she said that it would quickly pay for itself and it pains me and I have to admit she was so right.

Tasked to ‘knock-out’ a scheme over the weekend such that my client could view the drawings before leaving for the slopes at the start of the following week, Caddie’s Time-tracker enabled me to produce a full listing for all the time I had spent working on his drawings at the push of a button.  Without Time-tracker, there would have been the usual disbelief and haggling that invariably means I end up out of pocket.  However, the proof provided by the Time-tracker printout, detailing ‘Work Time’, Open Time’ and Saved Time, along with the actual time and dates of the drawing sessions made the job of agreeing on the bill easy; removing any feelings of embarrassment and allowing me to charge in full for the work I had carried out.

What’s more, Caddie’s Time-tracker also saves me money too since I no longer have to search through a pile of jotted notes in an attempt to tot-up the hours spent on each job.  With a click of my mouse I can get a full report for all my billable time relating to my client’s projects at any fee/invoice stage, and I now include these reports each time I invoice.

Caddie Time-tracker is proving itself invaluable, making billing so much simpler and more transparent, as well as making it easy to keep tabs on all the drawings related to a particular scheme or project and saving me the time and hassle of trying to tabulate all hours spent on various projects, with also the bonus of loading them direct from the Time-tracker drawing history.  For my business it’s just brilliant, simple to use, well thought out saves me time which in its self saves me money and well worth every penny, everyone’s a winner myself and my clients.

Caddie Time-tracker takes the stress and embarrassment out of billing!


Caddie never ceases to amaze, thanks again.


Kind Regards


Stewart L Thorley

Building Plans & Design